Corealine, around the world.

Corealine, around the world.

My name is Corealine. Daughter of “Merea, where oceans dreams come to life.”

It is now one of the top cruises in the world.

It is an extraordinary life on the boat. But I have still faced many challenges on the sea or land. Now, let’s set sail on my story.

Chapter 1: Life at Sea

I live on a cruise ship, like almost all my life. So it has been my home.

My father called the ship; Merea since it was my mom’s name and, “Where ocean dreams come to life.”

I made up that motto after.

Together it is, “Merea, Where ocean dreams come to life.”

Even though Dad thought of the boat called; Merea (for her memory), he says her name cruelly.

Which makes me wonder, “Did he love her?”

Only when he talks to the boat, which is VERY weird, does he seem calm?

**Old life**

Before mom died; We used to live in New York.

It was all but amazing; having pizza, ice cream for lunch and dinner, other days having a game night, with my family: with games, like sorry or monopoly.

But I never had a friend to play with; I was a shy kid when I was young.

So I never really had a “friend,” and my parents never pushed me to have any, anyway.

But that age, my parents were more of my Best Friends.

Chapter 3: “What we have once enjoyed we can never lose; all that we deeply loved become a part of us.”- quote from Helen Keller; cite: 

It was all until Mom died.

At the time, I was four years old.

Soon after, We lost our home because we couldn’t pay the rent.

We had a lot the challenges that year. 

We became homeless; I had to stay near a corner of buildings and wait for my father to come. 

He always did getting a loaf of bread: which we usually ate. 

But I was always hungry.  


And before you know it, a miracle came.

You see, my father has liked boats ever since he was a child. 

He always wanted one and had saved up money to get one. 

And by that, we go for a walk to the harbor, checking if there is one we can buy at a reasonable price. 

But it never really happened. 


Chapter 3: A Morning Miracle

One day, we walked to the harbor again on a spring morning.

Standing straight at us was a ship called; The Queen of the Orizon that was on sale for any price.

Which, no one had been THAT interested in the boat except; my father.

But it was not ever a sailboat: it was much bigger than a sailboat, much more significant.

The cruise boat raised a lot of suspicions.

But to my father: he thought it was a miracle and asked if he could buy it.

The man said, Yes; and since there was no one interested in it.

He had insisted on giving it to us. 

Just in case it was stolen or something, I asked, “why did he want to sell it?

The owner said that “he didn’t want it, because of ghosts that have been living in it for years. That was driving him nuts. So that is why he wanted to sell it.”

I am happy; that I didn’t tell you that, Dad.

He thinks that “Ghosts” are bad omens.

(I think it is because of mom’s death.) And he wouldn’t have taken the boat otherwise.

But that hit me; Why would a person give a boat this big, still? 

 At least, we got the boat. 

Anyway, we bought it and redecorated it a bit.

And now it is “voila, a mastery piece.” Dad says. 

Then soon, we opened it up for the first time. 

At first, it wasn’t that bad of people.

But soon, there were a lot of people interested in our boat. 


And now we are the second-best, while the first best is the Hufflepuffs.

 (They make it seem like it’s nothing.) But it was easy for them since they were rich, while we had to work for it. 

Anyway, we have faced the past and went to a fantastic future.


“Done,” I say, finishing my page for school.

“Way to go, sweety,” My Dad says, kissing my forehead. 

He took the page from me and started reading it.

“So, does that mean I don’t have to go to school?” I say.

“I have been said this for quite a while now, and it still no.” 

My Dad says, trying not to get mad.

Chapter 4: School

Ginger started to climb on the chair. I was sitting on it. I picked her up and put her on my lamp. 

Then I tried again.

“Come on, please!!” I say, begging him.

“NO, Corealine, and that is final.”

 He tucked his shirt and left.

“Ughh, No is no then,” I say. I start to look at ginger.


I started to stand up, opening the door, with ginger followed me outside.


I go to the sides of the boat and see the sunset. 

I have to go to school in 5 grade.

I never went to school, only when I was five years old and only half a year old. 

After that, my Dad taught me; Math, Science, S.S, English, music, and art. 

But, now since we got a lot of customers and being the two best, all.

My Dad decided that it was best to go to “Real School.”

Chapter 5: My aunt


I mean, really school, where you stay 24/7 and soon go home.

And how am I going there today, since I live on a boat, you ask?

I am going to stay at my Dad’s sister’s house. 

I don’t know her. 

That much? 

I saw her after mom died.

So, I was a baby or 1-4 years old when I saw her.

But then we lost connection after mom died.

 Soon we reunions on Friday; when my father called her for my education. 

And, here we are.   

Chapter 6: “Hello, Lavender!!!” 

We were going to make a stop in Pennsylvania (assuming where my aunt lives).

Also, considering that she lives on water street.


I had finished packing my bags. 

So, Dad decided to stop in Pennsylvania today; since my school starts next week, and he wanted me to learn a bit more about my aunt.

But my father decided to have an afternoon with our enemy. 

But to my father, it is the opposite.  

“Are you done with packing?” my father said.

“Ya, done,” I say to him back.

“Then, change into your dress.”

“ok,” I say.

“Ugh,” I say, sitting quietly, looking at my dress and frowning.

It wasn’t that I hated the dress; it happened to be one of my favorite.

But I didn’t want to wear it with people; I didn’t feel like it.

“I will change into something else?” I say to find a dress.


It was a black turtleneck dress, and the turtleneck was a patterned cloth with flowers on it. As the other part of the dress was made of black fabric.

“This is better,” I say, wearing it.

“It’s good, and with this necklace, it will be even better,” I say, putting it on.

It was a necklace with a red jewel on it.

“Are you coming, Corealine?” My father says, knocking on by the door.

“Finished,” I say, opening the door.

“You look amazing; you remind me of your mom.” He says quietly.

I was shocked; he had never talked about my mom before.

“Oh, thanks, Dad. Do we have anything you want to do?”

“Ya, can you help me?” he says.

“Yay, I would love to!!” I say, smiling.


The bell ringings.

“Can you get it, Corea?” My father says.

“Yay, I can,” I say, rolling my eyes.

I open the door.

“Hi, stupid. What with the stupid dress?” Lavender says.

I looked at my dress it seemed fine.

“Hello, Lavender,” I say, rolling my eyes back at her. 

Chapter 7: Lavender Hufflepuff, the meanest girl in the world.

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