Learn French 4: Colors and emotions

Colors have been around to represent emotions and feelings like anger is the color of red. Both colors and emotions have always intertwined through generators. In this blog, we will go over the colors and emotions in french.

Here are the colors in french:

  • Rouge(Red)
  • Orange(Orange)
  • Jaune(Yellow)
  • Vert(Green)
  • Bleu(Blue)
  • Pourpre(Purple)
  • Rose(Pink)
  • Noir(Black)
  • Blanc(White)


Emotions can overcome us or can help us overcome things in life. 

Here are some emotions in french:

  • Fâché(Angry)
  • Fatigué(Tired)
  • Penible(Annoyed)
  • Drôle(Funny)
  • Heureux(Happy)
  • Excité(Excited)
  • Timide(Shy)
  • Gentil(Nice)
  • Triste(Sad)
  • Craintif(Fearful)
  • Surpris(Surprised)
  •  Fierté(Pride)
  • Bravoure(Bravery)
  • Rut(Disgusting)



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