Learn French 2: Celebrate these events with French words!

Birthdays and anniversaries have been celebrated to hang out with friends and family and commemorate critical aspects of someone’s life. In this post, we will go over how to say birthdays and anniversaries and explore the french holidays.

Here is how to say birthday and anniversary:

        Joyeux Anniversaire(Birthday)

        Bon Anniversaire(Anniversary)

Some of these holidays will be similar to English holidays. These English holidays may have originated from French.

Here are a few holidays in French:

  • Noel(Christmas)


  • Pâques(Easter)


  • Mardi Gras(Fat tuesday)


  • Fête des Lumières(Festival of lights)


  • Bastille day or La Fete Nationale(new year)


  • Le fete des Rois(Feast of the Kings)


  • Fête de la Musique(The music festival)


  • L’Epiphanie(Epiphany day)


  • All Saints’ Day(the Feast of All Saints)


  • Mayday(Labor day)


  • Candlemas(Feast of the Jesus)


  • Poisson d’avril(April fools)

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