Beginners French; French numbers 1-20 and the alphabet.

Beginners French; French numbers 1-20 and the alphabet.

    French is an inviting lingo; that anyone could choose. Beginning: in 7 grade to college. Yet, you don’t have to halt till middle school to begin. You can start now. Here, I will reveal to you; the basics of French. We will open with the numbers 1-13, including the alphabet. 

1= Un

2= Deux

3= Trois

4= Quatre

5= Cinq

6= Six

7= Sept

8= Huit

9= Neuf

10= Dix

11 = Onze

12 = Douze

13 = Treize

14 = Quatorze

15 = Quinze

16 = Seize

17 = Dix-sept

18 = Dix-huit

19 = Dix-neuf

20 = Vingt

   Learning the numbers can be a struggle. But once you are perfect, the numbers are no challenge.    

A= Ah

B= Bay

C= Say

D= Day

E= Uh

F= Uf

G= Zhay

H= Ash

I= Ee

J= Zhee

K= Kah

L= El

M= Em

N= en

O= Oh

P= Pay

Q= Koo

R= Air

S= Ess

T= Tay

U= Ou, (make your lips become an oval shape)

V= Vay

W= Doo-bla vay

X= Eeks

Y= Ee grek

Z= Zed

   The first step of learning the letter can be a challenge. But when you begin to practice. When you move on to words, you will be invincible.

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