Vampires: Myths vs. Reality

Vampires: Myths vs. Reality

A human male/female with shaggy, dark clothes. A smile haunts others, stuck out teeth with blood dripping wherever they walk.

Chapter 1: What are vampires like?

Over the years, I gathered this from humans: “their ideas of vampires!”

Which isn’t that true!

My name is Alora, Alora Hsilhne.

We are somewhat different from “The Conspiracies” that you, humans, say.

We vampires, in the past, used to drink blood from humans.

But then stopped a long time ago.

Though some still celebrate the tradition of drinking blood.

But most have no intention to, but to instead drink our blood.

It is different from most Vampire Movies, but I can assure you that we do.

Even if it is a bit weird and creepy.

But, we have to suffer like it giving us marks that will last for three weeks.

Until a month, we have to continue the process of drawing blood.

We have to draw blood somewhere on the three days of that month, or we will die if not.

That’s why it’s a bit scary and frustrating, especially if you have human friends.

That is why I put a timer on my phone to help me.

Though, it doesn’t work for me that much.

Alora, Chapter 2: Riiinnnngggg, “It’s School Time”

It was the first day of Middle School, and I was late for school.

“Ring, Ring, Ri-BAM,” My timer said as I punched it.

” Uhhhh,” I said, rubbing my eye.

I glance to see my clock smashed.

“Great, not another one. Mom will defiantly kill me.” I say, holding it.

I checked to see that it was 7:30, “7:30! I am going to be late!” I said, getting out of my bed.

I walked up to my closet, grabbing a white shirt with fierceness in bolded letters, ripped jeans, and a bracelet with all my memoirs.

I looked in my mirror to tie a full ponytail.

I got my backpack, put my phone in my pants, and ran downstairs.

My mom was on the railing of the stairs, waiting for me.

Her hair looked perfect like she was about to go to work, and she had a frustrated look.

Aw, great, I’m in trouble again.

“Hi, Alora.” She said,

I could smell the strawberry pancakes.

“You’re a la-Yes, mom, I know,” She said as I ran downstairs.

I took out the bagels, trying to find the cream cheese.

“Found it,” I say, opening a new cream cheese.

“You punched the clock again, right?” She said.

I ignored her as I put on cream cheese on my bagel and went to tie my shoelaces.

“How did she know is she a vampire ghost?” I shake my head, “No, she must have heard it. Your mother gave birth to you. You don’t have the power,” I said, standing up.

I took my back on my back and opened the door, “I wonder if Draco is still outside?

Chapter 3: A vampire’s life

I walked out with half of the bagel still in my mouth.

“Alora,” A voice said,

I looked to see that it was Draco on my driveway.

Draco is a boy my age, a vampire, and my neighbor all in one!

He has red eyes and yellow/blonde hair with some red strands.

I walked closer to see his dark glare staring at me, “I-would-never-come-out-of-bed-look.”

I’m in serious problem now.

He is disappointed because I was late.

He never gets late!

Which is super annoying cause I do.

“Let’s walk,” He said as I started walking with him.

For us, a walk is like a skip or a fast run.

And this walk was more, dead silent.
We were at the high school.

I checked my phone; it was 7:37.

Yes, I have time until the first period starts.

I walk with him inside.

We went inside the school, “Hi Alora,”

I looked to see it was Elionora.

“Hi,” I said, running and hugging her.

This is Eleonira, a hipper girly girl, not like me.

She loves fashion and boy bands and is a bit of our drama queen,

I whisper, “You don’t know how happy I am to see you!”

She smiles and looks at Draco as he walks toward us, “I can see that,”

“What happened to your arm?” she said, pulling my hand out.

Chapter 4: The group,

“Ya, what is that about?” Draco asks.

That dirty snitch, he already knows why.

“Ya,” Casey said, walking over.

Casey is a sassy tomboy like me.

With a tomboy sense of fashion, is good with technology, and has a sense of hearing rumors and drama at this school.

You can ask her about any rumors, and she knows.

“How could she have heard us? This room is already too noisy.” I asked them.

They shrugged,” She knows,”

“Where were you, Casey?” I ask her.

“Bathroom. Now spills the beans,” Casey said, taking off her glasses.

“Well,” I had no idea what to say.

“I was using a knife, but instead, I mistakenly cut myself,” I say, smiling.

They laughed, “You are the clumsiest person I know.” Casey said, laughing.

“Phew, “I said quietly.

I smirked, “Well, I am late and clumsy. It’s almost my middle name.”

“Hey, don’t say that, or you will become one,” Elinora said, smacking my back.

“But I already am,” I said as they laughed.

“Hey, guys, Me, Kelo, and Lule are here!” Ron said, waving at us.

Ron is an idiot that likes to hang out with his girlfriends and us.

His last girlfriend dumped him a few weeks ago and got a new one last week.

“Ya, we know. You don’t have to scream like that!” Casey said, annoyed.

“So here is the shining rumor, princess. Happy to make your acquaintance.” He said, bowing down.

She blushed,” Shut up,” hitting him on his back.

He falls to the ground, “Hey,”

Casey and Ron never get along well, nor do his girlfriends and Casey.

That might be because Casy likes him but won’t admit it.

“Here,” Kelo said, handing me a cup of his famous coffee.

“Thanks,” I said, taking a sip.

“Wow-you has outdone yourself,” I said, as Eleonira interrupted.

Kole is a friendly and lovely person in our group.

He wants to be a cook when he grows up and own a restaurant.

That is why he always makes pastries and other foods for us to try.

Since he knows what we like, but what we don’t like and put it in our drinks to surprise us.

He had good looks, and some of the girls liked him.

But he doesn’t bother in that stuff.

“Ya,” A voice says,

“Lule,” Casy says, as she is still beating Ron.

I look to see Lule on the side, hiding behind Kole.

“Ya, she is here. I told you to guess that.”

“Sh,” Casy said to him.

Lule is a shy, quiet girl with good grades.

Other than some, she wants to be a doctor for babies.

She is the twin of Kelo, which is sometimes hard to tell.

But she is kind and spired and wants to talk without any concern.

Where’s his girlfriend; it can at least stop this cat fight.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” I asked Ron.

They stopped, and he looked at me, “I’m not sure?” He said.

“What do you mean you’re not sure? I said.

“Well, she said she would go to the gym to practice gymnastics.

“That is not knowing. You know, you’re a terrible boyfriend.” She said.

Or maybe she is good with this one since it was one of her friends before she moved here.

He knew her by when he had to go to his big sister’s gymnastics.

She did have her contact, so because of him, she got her phone number.

“Ok, then let’s find her,” I said.

I had never seen her in my life. So I was a bit curious.

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