Are Vampires really evil, bloodthirsty and scary? Like the ancients say.

Are Vampires really evil, bloodthirsty and scary? Like the ancients say.

People think that being a vampire is evil, bloodthirsty, and scary. That is partly true.

Chapter 1: What are vampires likes?

Let me explain, you see, I am a vampire, and here is my story.

My name is Alora, Alora ….. We are different from the “myths” that you, humans say about us.

We used to drink others’ blood, but that´s ancient history, and now we drink our own blood. (But some convert to human blood.) But most vampires, I know don´t.

But this method has some slight problems: marks that stay for a month, hiding the truth from my friend, (that are humans).

But I try remembering by, put a remember on; but that doesn’t work.

Though it is rather these methods or death. So, I have to do it.

Anyway, these are my two best friends, Casey and Eleonora, and this time; this is the real story. 

Alora, Chapter 2: Ringggg, It’s School Time! 

It was the first day of Middle School and I was late for school.

“Ring, Ring, Ri-Bam,” My timer said, as I punched it.

”Uhhhh,” I say, waking up.

“Great, not another one. Mom is going to kill me.” I say, checking the time.

“7:20, I am going to be late,” I say, getting out of my bed.

I started to get ready for school. I wear a white shirt that says “love who you are”, with a knot at the end, black pants with holes on them.

I tied my hair in a small bun and put my favorite bracelet on(that had special charms on it.)

I hurried downstairs, with my backpack in my hands.

My mom walks straight in front of me.

She has clear skin(not like mine), the exact color hair (dark blue), and orange eyes.

“Hi, Alora.”

I could smell the strawberry pancakes, on the table.

“You’re late!” she says, angry.

“Ya mom, I know. Sorry!” I say, chewing up my food.

“You punched the clock, didn´t you?” She says, doubting me.

I ignore, heading to the door; tieing my shoes.
They were shoes in black and white with a dog(a french bulldog) on the side.

I had two thoughts floating in my mind; How did she know? and is Draco still there?

I get my bag and open the door to see who it was? and it was…

Alora, Chapter 3: A vampires live

I got my bag and opened the front door, it was Draco on my side of the sidewalk.

Draco is a boy, that´s the same age as me and a vampire.

He has red eyes and yellow/blonde hair with some red strands and clear skin; (he´s my neighbor).

“Hi,” I wave to him.

He looks at me like I-would-never-come-look.

I skipped toward him; (indicating that I was late.)

But he turned back, I knew he was disappointed, because of my lateness.

He never gets late, while I usually do.

I always try, but we get a bit late in the mornings.

But this was later, later!

So I can see why he was angry.

We started to walk, but for us, (a vampire’s walk is more like a fast run.)

I try to think of a topic, but we were already at the school doors.

He pushes the door.

As I get in with him.

I walk with him; until Eleonora comes forward.

“Hi alora,” Elionora said.

“Hi,” I say walking up to her.

She hugs me, tight.

“What happened to your arm?” she said, getting out my hand.

“Ya,” Casey said walking over.

“Where, were you Casey?” I ask her.

“Bathroom, Now spill the beans!”

“Well,” I had no idea what to say.

“Well, I was trying to put on Halloween makeup, so I could be better at it,” I say smiling.

“So that means I did well,” I say, laughing, as they laughed.

I look at my friends, realizing that Draco is with his friends.

He was smiling at me.

I go through my two friends; I stare at him.

He noticed, looking away.

I smiled.

They saw me, smirking

“Come on, We don’t want to bell to ring,” Casey says, walking to a class.

Draco, Chapter 4: “Early Birds vs Late Ones” 

Ugh, where is she?” I say, frustrated.

She was supposed to be here, like 18 minutes ago?” I say, looking at my watch. 

“That girl always gets herself late, and I always get dragged into it,” I say, rolling my eyes. 

“Even if it´s her fault!” I say, quietly.

“Why do I even like her. She is just a pile of trash.”

I smile, “We are going to be late, come on hurry up.”

**(10 minutes later)**

“Ok, if you don’t come in 2 minutes, then I won’t talk to you,” I say, yelling. 

****(2 mines later)****

“Hi!” she says, running up to me.

“Hi, seriously that’s all I get, a Hi!” I say in my head, turning around. 

I didn’t care what she haded to say. 

I was too angry to talk to her.

How could she get late? On Her First Day of Middle School. 

We started to walk silently for a moment, This never happened to us before.

Usually, we both talk 24/7, about homework, practice for tests, and other stupid stuff.” 

But it had never been this quiet, between the both of us. 

**(6 seconds)**

Before you know it, we were at school, near the doors.

It makes sense since We, vampires are fast, either way if we walk or talk!

I open the door and walk-in.

I going to say sorry to Alora, but Elinora came. 

So, I walk to the Kalamarme Twins.  

Chapter 5: Bubblegum  

We went to the classroom. 

It had been a classic English class, with books wherever you look; like a bookstore, with a homey feel to it. 

We sit in the middle back row, where we like it.

(Not to back, but not in the front, just right!-goldilocks)

There weren’t many children in the room. So either, the students were in the hallway, or I was late!

The teacher came with a girl(gray hair and bright pink eyes.)

She looked shy and looked unsure of herself.

That’s one of my powers too: I can detect people’s emotions and can see through people’s minds.

But she had a deep secret, one that I couldn´t see through.

“Students, this is Bubblegum Laway, are new student!“ The teacher says, smiling.

Chapter 6: New Student!

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