Are parents That important to you? Or you just don’t show it?

Are parents That important to you? Or you just don’t show it?

Arctic is a cold place and the only place that I know where my family is. I have been looking for my family for a year or more. Even though, I am still looking for them. My name is Slest, 9 years old, and this is my life.

Chapter 1: My life

That morning, it was cold and windy.

I immediately go to my house(cave), to keep warm.

Then snowflakes, my pet polar bear. She licks me on the face, well collapsing me down on the ice, cold surface. 

“Stop that,” I say to her, laughing. 

She finally stopped.

I got up from the smooth surface and started to walk swiftly into the cave. While princess follows me.

I go to the bathroom.

It’s a part of the cave. (That has a crack on the ground, filled with water underneath it.) With soap, that is part of a block of ice.

I take my gloves off, starting to wash my hands and face. Princess does too, but she makes a big splash and water gushes out on her and me. 

I started to laugh and said, “Oh princess.”


We get done with washing our hands.

So, I decided to start the fire for eating.

I go to the fridge.

“Which is not made out of ice,” I say, opening the fridge.

I get 3 frozen, rough steaks out of the fridge.

We used to be permitted to eat the animals that live here, like princesses.

So we didn’t and we still don’t. 

The company, (ICE) that my parents work for used to give food. Every year.

But after the accident. I don’t think they know, if we are alive or not?

So we have to save every bit of food.

I quickly walked to the fire pit. Trying to not my hands freeze.

The fire is another thing that is not made of ice. It is a normal fire pit and Yes I can start and stop the fire from burning. 

I opened my bag. To find a lighter.

I flickered it.

Then I stopped it. 

There were no ice pieces in it

I check, if I had got any in my bag. None, nada.

I stood up and looked at princess. 

She was confused. 

“Princess, I need you to guard the house for a bit. I forgot to get the ice blocks, sorry.” I say to her.

I get my bag and leisurely walk to the entrance. 

“I will be back, don’t worry. I need you to be a Big Female Bear. Ok.” I said to her.

I think she understanded.

So I went out of the cave.

Chapter 2: The mysterious child, (Snowflake perspective)

The 2 leg cub told me to guard our home.

“So I have to protect this cave with my life.” I say out loud.

She was the only cub, I know.

After my mom disappeared. Even her parents and her brother disappeared in an ice slide.


Not a side that is made with ice. Which would be better.

But this is much worse.

We and our parents, with her brother, of course. Had gotten separated from, a huge block of ice falling down to us.

Happily, we were safe and ok.

But we don’t know about our parents and her brother.


Soon after I fell asleep.


I regretted that every second of it.

So I started guarding again.

As I turned around and then I suddenly, saw a shadow?

The shadow looked too big to be, Celeste. (The 2 legged girl.)

Well I think she called her.

I got frightened, alarmed even.

Then, “Thump, Thump.”

“footsteps.” I say quietly.

I quickly ran and hid on the table.

Soon the footsteps, got closer and closer.

Frightening me.

Then the sound stopped.

I stared at the entrance, trying not to move.

Then, I see the 2 legged boy standing in the front of the doorway.

I walk slowly, still being a bit protective.

And go to see who it was?

I was awed, by who it was.

He started to walk.

It was like, he came from heaven. Well said, “Prrriinccess.” He says as he wakes.

Suddenly, he fell to the ground.

“Are you ok?” I asked him.

But, he didn’t say anything.

I moved him to a more comfortable bed, then the ice ground. And put a blanket on him.

Since he looked tired and needed some sleep.

I stand back to see, what happened?

But he didn’t move, he was just lying there.

I decided to stop and walk over to sleep on the man’s lap.

Chapter 3: “No, you’re not my brother.”

“I, 2, 3, wak.” The ice says.

As I cut a block of ice.

I get my last piece of ice and put it into my sack.

And headed out.


I finish my batch of ice and head home.

It was not far, happily.

I walk to my house.

Skipping every step of the way.

Like, it had been a dream.

But, it didn’t.

At first, it wasn’t somehow.

But, I wanted it to be.


“What!!!!” I say.

“What!!! What is he doing here? And who is he?” I asked quietly and started to wake up princess.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!” She says, walking up.

Why is he here? And who is this for crying out loud?” I ask Princess, quietly not waking him up.

I soon understood that.

She can’t talk.

Well, I mean not my language, anyway.

“Oh, hi celeste.” He says.

He woke up!!!

I quickly get one of my ice blocks and use it as a sword.

While pointing at him.

“Whooo, are you?” I ask him, scared.

“Who am I? I am your brother, Carter. Carter Boxer.” He says to me, concerned.

“No, you’re not my brother,” I say.

“Yes, I am.” He says.

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