Lavender(the people that show no emotion)

Lavender(the people that show no emotion)

August 16, 2021, after school at 8:30 am. It was my second year as student council president. I was outside, supporting the school; to look even lovelier and clearer, by planting blooms in front of the school.

My friend and I were school helpers to help with the garden. Since no one wanted their nails to get dirty. Others(boys or tomboys) thought it was not cool!

Chapter One: Having fun in the scorching sun!

“Thun, thud!” My hammer says to nail securing, the two wooden boards.

“Hey, Alexi can you get some more boards in the school!” I ask, exhausted(in many ways, then one.)

“Ya, I will! I am almost done with this planter. But Avery, which flowers go here?” Alexi asks me; she was working on the second row.

“The–Roses, and–Dahlia, and–Marigold, go there!” I say, exhausted.

“Yes Ma’am!” she says, sticking her tongue, saluting me.

(Her mom is a soldier in the army. So she knows a bit about the military. She says, she might become a soldier too. Which I am ok with.)

“Good, cadet!” I say giggling and smiling.

We both laugh.

Alexi stood up, dusting off the dirt on her overalls.

She dashed to the school, trying to open the doors.

I stoop up, rolling my eyes. “Do you need the key?”

She dashed back, taking the keys out of my hand.

“Thanks,” She says, smiling.

I smiled.

“She is good at running, but sometimes, she has to look at her surroundings,” I say, muttering; checking off my list of things.


I turned around to see a with red eyes and brown hair staring at me.

I blush(for some reason), standing up, dusting off the dirt my skirt.

“What do you want?” I ask, putting my hands on my hip; examining him.

“I am here to help, plant the garden.” He says, not looking but smiling.

(Is he making fun of me? I internally growled.)

“Wait, what?” I say, confused.

Chapter 2: My slayer

“Wait, what?” I say, confused.

“I and Alexa were the ones that volunteer to grow the garden,” I say, muttering; flipping the pages of my clipboard.

“Aha see, there are no-whats your name again?” I say, showing him the paper.

“It´s Rio and my name is right there!” He says, pointing at the paper.

(Oh, this kid. I heard a lot about him, well mostly rumors, like in 6 grade. He didn´t go to school until they learn that he was stealing from the bank and had traded drugs for money. Or when he flooded the school with water during spring break, that made the school have no school and told the student that they would have summer break early. Even if those rumors are true. They don´t have any proof, to back them up.)

“Hello, you there?” he says.

“Ya, we are working on the-what are you doing?”

I turned to see a group of boys, walking up to us.

(What do they want?)

“Umm, Do you want to help with the flowers for the school?” I said, using my sweet voice.

Chapter 3: Boys and Girls!

“Umm, Do you want to help with the flowers for the school?” I said, using my sweet voice.

One of them grabbed my shirt.

“Hey!” Rio says, aggravated.

“Let me go!” I say, enraged.

“No can do!” One of them says, snickering.

“Settle down Rio. I won´t bite the puppy!” The teen grabbed the collar of my shirt, smirking.

“I am not a puppy!” I say, bitting his hand.

I ran like there was no tomorrow, but he grabbed me anyway.

“You think you could have left that fast,” he says.

I look down in misery.

“What do you want for her?” Rio says, concerned.

“Well, she and her friend have been making the school pretty, with the flowers right?”

I didn´t say anything.

“RIGHT!” He said, lounder.

“It is none of your business, isn´t it?” I say, staring at him.

“Answer the question or I will brake these planters.” He says, posting a threat.

“Ooooooo,” the other says, crossing their arms.

I can´t let that happen, Alexa and I work hard on them.

“Yes, we WERE making the school PRETTY and CLEAN, by putting flowers in the front of the school.”

“But I don´t get why you need to know this. Since I am the student council president, I know everyone in the school. But I have never seen you people and there are no new students if I say so!” I say, sternly.

“Oh, shut up! This is our turf and no one messes with it!” He says.

He was going to hit, but I was ready, (well sort of).

I sheld my hand around my face; closed my eye.

“That is enough,” Rio says, hitting the boy.

The teen drops me, and I felt the ground. I slowly sat up, but it hurt even more.

I glimpse back to see Rio in a red jacket.

I smile.

Instantly, my vision fades; part of my body fell to the floor. Then Alexa come out of nowhere and ran up to me.

I felt warm hands carrying me up.


Chapter 4: the cold shoulder

I wake up, cold and dizzy; trying to see clearly.

An object was sleeping on my legs. Curiously, I check to see what it was, it was a boy.

I was shocked, “A boy, is sleeping on my legs!”

I want to wake him up; yell or scream. But, I felt so much too.

So, I hit him hard and forced him to get off me, and threw him to the floor.

So, I just stared, trying not to make a sound.

“Who is this guy?” I whispered, wondering.

“Oww,” he says, rubbing his eyes.

I shrieked, trying to hide in the blanket.

He laughed, sighing.

“I thought, you were a goner of a minute,” he said, slowly standing up.

I smiled, taking off the blanket above me.

“Sorry, I slept on you,” he said he moved, his hand to mine.

“Yeah you should be”

He chuckles while looking at me ominously.

I moved the blanket away and push it on him(on the floor still).

“I am not going to hurt you, Avery.” He said taking off the blanket, concerned.

Suddenly, Alexy came hugging me tightly.

“I thought you were badly hard!” she said, hugging me still.

“Well, she is here,” he says, smiling.

I looked at him, annoyingly. “So who is that dude?” I say, out loud.

“I´m sorry, I just don´t remember who you are?” I say, quietly.

“I am Rio, Rio Reinfeld.”

“You the guy who flooded the school, right?” I say, blurting it out loud.

“Ya that is me, but that is just a rumor.” He says, disappointed.

“Sorry. I didn´t mean to blurt that out.” I say, putting my hands together.

“It is ok!” he said, playing with his hair.

Silents came into the room; as a hear specks of sound towering over the school. This sound made me angry and cursors, realizing it was rain!

I quickly, (as my body could go) stood up, suddenly (my feet weak or something). Instead of making me slip; Rio had grabbed me, pulling me up.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“We have to go take the planter and tools from outside! Omg, I forgot my clipboard; we have to go fast!” I say, trying to run to the nearest door.

Alexy started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I say.

“We already go everything.” A voice said.

I turn around to see Bruno(Alexa’s boyfriend). He was outside, carrying a green umbrella with him.

I turn around, “Are you sure?” I say douting them.

“Do you mean this clipboard?” Rio says, handing it to me.

“Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you!” I say, hugging my clipboard tight.

“Well, I and Bruno have a date. So can you, Rio watch her?” She asks him, strictly.

“Ya-wait who is Bruno?” I say, interrupting him.

“Don´t you remember Bruno? He is-But we don´t talk about Bruno no-no-no. But we don´t talk about Bruno!” I say as Rio joins me.

“Nice try, very funny!” He says, rolling his eyes.

We all chuckled in delight.

She takes her coat and walks into Bruno, umbrella.

“Remeber don´t talk to bruno!” I say, behind them.

“Will do, jk.” She says, waving goodbye.

My stomach growled.

Rio says “You hungry, I´ll make you a peanut butter-¨

“I can feed myself thank you very much!”I get up and trip on the blanket, I pushed down. He laughs.

Chapter 5: Love, Life and Food

He laughs, walks over to me, and holds out his hand to me.

I look at his hand and roll over to the door and get up.

I look back at him. “Ya coming.”

He smiles and walks over; I roll my eyes and continue walking.

“Vlr, vlr, vlr” my locker says, as I open it. “Cha cLUNK,”

I take the 2 snacks out and open them, to see that they were empty.

My stomach growled wildly.

I put back the snacks, got my launch money out; close the locker, “CLUNK,”

I see Rio walking up to me in the hallway, with a tray full of food in his hands.

I drooled.

“WHERE DID YOU GET All THAT FOOD!” I say starving.

“Uh, I got it from the cafeteria.” He says, shrugging.

“Did you pay for it?” I say looking at him like committed a theft.

“No,” he says.

“WELL then PAY FOR IT, ” I say

“You didn’t say whe-”

“Right NOW mister!” I say, pushing him to the launch casher.

I open my wallet, “How much?” I say.

“About, 3 dollars and 25 cents.” He says, estimating.

“Wow, I didn’t know rebel schoolboys, would know how to count!” I say, taking out the sheets of money.

“Well, I guess some can!” He says, blushing.

“Here,” I say, giving him the money. “And three dollars extra for helping me out back there,” I say, winking.

“Any time,”

He sat down, as I looked for some food.

Chapter: Fight for love

I took the two pizzas, celery and kiwi, slush(cotton candy flavored), and a bag of sea salt chips. #My favorite food!

I graded the utensils and put my money with kiwi, I mean Rio; writing a note for both of us.

“Hello, Avery and Rio here, we are here for planting flowers; so if you want to help, tell me please, and thank you. Anyway, I got when planting, so Rio and I are here for a few minutes. We both got a launch from the cafeteria, and here is are pay.

– I hope you understand,
Avery and Rio.”

I put the note in an envelope with the money, leaving it on the checker.

“Hey, are you coming or not?” He says, yelling.

“Ya, I am coming,” I say, taking my tray.

It seat down, “So how is life on your end?”

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