Life lessons from 75 years of wisdom: what can we learn?

Life lessons from 75 years of wisdom: what can we learn?

“Knowledge opens the door to Opportunities.”

As a part of the “Stay Inspired Interviews” Series, this is the first Interview post.

This is my Ajji’s (my lovely and dearest Grandmother) favorite quote that she reminds me of almost every time I talk to her. As she says, in her fabulous 75 years of life, she has been fortunate to live such an accomplished and happy life. She says she has pursued various goals and learned many lessons. Some she discovered the hard way, and some she learned from others. So like many of our elders, we can learn things from them. We can also ask them for advice on life struggles or fine.

My dearest Ajji has always been an intelligent and luminous woman. She is a trailblazer in many fields. She has always believed in and encouraged what you want to become in life. Over the years, she shared her knowledge, which significantly influences me today.

Today, at the age of 75, My Grandmother is the first in our family to travel to three continents and eight countries and cross three oceans. She has taken up new hobbies later and continues to challenge herself mentally and physically. She also loves to spend time with her family and friends. A couple of distinguished things that my dearest Ajji has accomplished,

  1. She was the first woman in her family to graduate from the University.
    1. While it is astonishing that she graduated from the University, she did that after getting married and having three kids. Several of her friends had dropped out of college, telling her she would not graduate. Nonetheless, she traveled nearly 20 miles to the university daily with three kids and graduated with flying colors.
  2. Ajji was the first woman in her family to work professionally. Her co-workers and supervisors still talk to her. They always praise her for her work ethic, achievements, and unconditional support she has provided all those years.
  3. Ajji started Town’s first private school to help children with a foundational education. Several of her students are successful professionals now. These students consider her their motivation and have been in contact with her for all these years.
  4. My dearest Ajji started her Town’s First Babysitting Services to help working families and provide better temporary housing for kids. Several of them are still in contact with her.
  5. She began her Town’s First Food business. Several people still talk about her food, spices, and quality. 
  6. She has traveled to three continents, eight countries and crossed three oceans.
  7. She is a writer. She has written several poems, puzzles (word, sudoku, etc.), stories, and more.


Ajji’s life experiences show how when life changes, go with it. Like in life, she encountered numerous challenges. However, she found something to overcome and started going with it.

“These are the lessons you keep in mind when everything goes against you.” My grandma said.

My crucial lesson from her is that it is never too late to change your life. No matter how old or not experienced: you can always change your degree and find a way to enhance your situation.

My grandma was born in a small village in India. However, she faced numerous struggles early on in her life. She was able to raise her children and give them a fair life. That they have always had fate in my grandma.

“All the things in life happen for a reason and are meant to teach you a lesson.” My grandma said.

Believe in the power of positivity and gratefulness

My Ajji has written several poems, sudoku puzzles, stories, and more. She is computer savvy and loves her smartphone. She has always been the first one in our family to adopt new technology. “All the things in life happen for a reason and are meant to teach you a lesson.” My Grandma said. She always stays optimistic, even through tough times. That allows her to outlook at a new, bright future.

“The importance is staying positive and grateful no matter what life throws your way,” Ajji said.

  1. Life is precious
  2. Always welcome failures

  3. Anything that has power over you teaches you, How to take your power back.
  4. Anything that you cannot control is teaching you, How to let go

  5. Anything that annoys you is teaching you, Patience
  6. Anything that angers you is teaching you, Forgiveness and compassion
  7. Always be kind. You never know what someone is going through, and kindness can go a long way.     
  8. Anyone who abandons you is teaching you how to stand up on your own
  9. Every day:
    1. Think of 3 things you are grateful for,
    2. Write three goals you will achieve that day,
    3. Do new things to elevate your mood,
    4. Always Prioritize your health,
    5. Make sure to read for 10 minutes

My Ajji (Grandmother) taught me that life is all about relationships. Whether it is interacting with our family, friends, or co-workers daily. These associations will cherish your relationships with kindness and respect for one another.

My Grandmother has shown me that learning, discovering, and growing are never too late. Staying positive will give you a brighter future. Things happen for a reason, either good or bad, and teaches you a lesson. That lesson will be with you, even in bad moments of life. In life, you should have a relationship that will last a lifetime. Ajji has kept her sharp and young at heart.

I wrote a poem for my dearest Ajji:

My grandma knows the way
Life’s lessons in her day.
Let’s follow all her words
We will not be deterred.

Verse 1:
Vibrant life she does live,
Tips for life to give,
Generosity by heart,
the joy it does impart,
Follow the golden rule
The respect we need to renew,
Listen carefully and always
Understand the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover.”  

Life lessons from 75 years of wisdom from my Ajji,  What can we learn? What can we gain? Understanding and knowledge applying these things as our frame  Her moral values will get used through life with success What a precious gift of love that we possess!


Thank you, My dearest Ajji, for being such a motivation to many, especially me. I am so grateful to have her as a role model in my life.


Thank You Emoji Images: Source: pixabay

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