Never Be at a Loss for Words Again: A Guide to French Greetings and

Never Be at a Loss for Words Again: A Guide to French Greetings and

When going to France or learning the language, you need to know the basics of greetings to talk to others. Many of these french greetings connect what it means, just like English. In comparison, some of them are used formally or informally.

These are some Greetings:

Enchante: Please to meet you.

Sault: Hello or Bye

Au Revoir: Goodbye

Bonjour: Good morning or hello

Bon apres midi: Good Afternoon

Bonsoir: Good evening

Bonne nuit: Good night

Merci: Thank you

Merci beaucoup: Thank you every much

Bienvenue: Welcome

Tres Bien: Very well

Bein, merci: Well, thank you

Pas tres bien: Not very well

Pas top mal: Not too bad

A bientot: See you soon

A Demian: See you tomorrow

A journe: Good day



Comment allez-vous?(formal): How are you?

Comment vas-tu?(informal): How are you?

Comment ca va?(informal): How are you?

Comment vous appelle-vous?(formal): What is your name?

Comment tu m’appelle(informal): What is your name?

Quelle age avez vous?(formal): How old are you?

Tu a quel age?(informal): How old are you?

D’ou venez vous: Where are you from?

Ou habitez vous: Where do you live?


Oui: Yes

Non: On

S’il-te-plait: Please

Parlez-vous anglais: Do you speak English?

Parlez-vous francias: Do you speak france?

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