“The Broken Pieces of My Heart: Why I keep going on like this?”

“The Broken Pieces of My Heart: Why I keep going on like this?”

      My life is a puzzle broken down into pieces. Until there is nothing left; friends, family, and loved ones, all gone from me, but that has left me strong, brave, and independent.

Chapter 1: Jail time!

  I woke up in an old cell with rats scurrying around me.

“Eww,” I say, standing up and killing the wretched beasts.

“Shek, Shek,” 

I stopped to see a man in a jail uniform shaking the cell door.

“Good, you are awake.” The poret(cop) said.

I quickly took two steps back, defending myself from him.

“You’re going to talk to this man here. You better behave, or you may be killed.” He said, moving his hand around his neck.

I rolled my eyes, still keeping my stance.

The man in the shadows came closer. He was wearing a suit and came closer to my cell.

I shook the cell hard,” What do you want?” 

People like him with fancy suits and jewelry make people like us into thieves!

He smiled,” Seems you are doing fine in this cell.”

” My name is Mr. Randis; I go by radais sometimes. But it doesn’t matter to you, does it?” He said, looking at me.

There was a long pause between us.

He stopped looking at me and sat down on a chair. He put his pile of papers on the table.

“Was he scared of me or something?” I mumbled.

“What,” He asked,

But I decided to stop talking.

“So, how are you doing in this prison cell?” He said, writing something down.

Chapter 2: The examination

       I ignored his question, asking mine,” What day is it? “ 

“It’s the 27th of August, a Saturday.” He said, looking at his paper.

Today was three days after my birthday. I planned to break into a gem to diamonds(a famous store) to celebrate.

But from where I am now, I must have gotten caught.

“Figures,” I said, rolling my eyes and sighing.

I realized that stupid rich guy was still asking me questions.

I turned to see him.

“You’re not going to answer my questions,” he said, slowly standing up.

“No, she will answer-Stand up straight and look at the man-It’s all right.” He interrupted a poret(cop).

“Since you just came into the cells a few days ago. You should get some rest.” He said, walking away.

He suddenly stopped, turning around, “But, if you still keep quiet. You might have to stay in the cell until your last breath.” He said, walking away.

“I need you all to come with me.” He said.

“But what about the prisoners?” 

“They will be all right; they are in a cell; they will be fine.” He said, “It serves them no harm.” 

I could hear their footsteps slowly fading away.

I quickly turned back and looked out the window.

“It looks like it’s the night!”

I pull up my sleeves to see my watch.

“It’s 10:00 pm, yes!” I said, whispering.


Chapter 3: Breaking out of prison or what?


    “Curses, I need to get out of here!” I say.

I glanced back to the window blocked with a few metal bars.

“Perfect,” I say, smirking.

I look around to see dusty bunk beds, a chair on the side devoured by rats, and a beat-up couch with graffiti written all over it.

“I guess I have to take the rats down!” I say, going to the couch.

I took a couch pillow, but something slid out of it.

“Huh,” I said, seeing that it was a sharp pocket knife and nunchucks.

“Yes,” I say, whispering, slowly picking the two weapons up.

I suddenly stopped letting go of the weapons.

I looked out of the cell to see if anyone was around.

“Good, the coast is clear!” I say, taking the weapons.

“Now, let’s test these babies out!” I say, banging the bars of the window rapidly. 


“Umm…what are you doing?” Someone says in a quiet tone.

Chapter 4: Jail, mate?

       I pause, glancing to see a young girl with blonde/orange hair rubbing her eyes.

She had a long white dress with pockets on them, and looking at her, I could tell she was sleeping just now.

“Oh god,” I say, mumbling.

“Hopefully, she won’t yell or say I am breaking out of jail,” I said.

Oh god, I said it out loud!

“Please don’t tell me. The guards are still here!” I said, looking out of the cell.

She laughed, “What are you doing?” She says, looking at me, confused.

“Uhh,” I said, not knowing what to say.

She looked around the room for a bit.

She looked around, then started to cry, “Where’s my mom?” She asked

She reminded me of myself when I was her age.

I walk towards her slowly, “Why would your mom be here?”

Why do rich people like him do that to kids this age?

“Well, she told me to get something for her in this big building.” 

“So, since she wanted to get it.” She says with a toothy grin.

Curious, what is that item? 

She looks too young even to be here!

It must be something expensive!

“What did she want to get?” I ask, smiling.

“It was a circle that looked like a donut. On top was a pretty shiny thing.” She says, visualizing the item.

She starts going into her pocket, looking for the object. “Oh, it’s right here!” She says, taking out a diamond ring.

I look at her in awe, “Where did you get that?”

Chapter 5: The abstract mother,

“I got it from a building called gem to diamonds.”

“No way, so you stole it for your mom?”

Sorry, rich guys!

“But why?”

“Because, because she told me! Sir,”

“I’m not a sir; I’m a fem-I’m sorry!” She says, interrupting me. 

She suddenly stood up, bowing her head.

I felt terrible about saying that.

I patted her on the head.” It’s okay, don’t call me sir!” I say, smiling.

“Wait, you’re not going to hurt me?” She said, puzzled.

“No, it’s fine. People think I am a man!” I say, lying to her.

Even though, at the time, they thought I was a guy with weird taste in fashion.

“No, I call you a man; I should be punished!” She says, bowing.

Silence came into the room. 

“Do it! Do it!” 

“Nah, I don’t want to hurt you, okay!” I say, hugging her.

But that only led her to tears.

“Beating is the way to happiness, right!” She says, trying to smile.

“Who told you that insane of a thing?” I say, yelling at her.

“My m-mom,” She says, muttering quietly.

I looked at her, concerned.

Why would a devilish mother like hers do such a thing?

I sighed and sat down, stretching my legs. 

I gleaned at her, “you want to sit down?” I ask in delight.

“Okay,” she says, sitting down, crisscrossed.

“So when did your mom ask you to steal?” I ask her.

Chapter 6: Giya’s past 

“Uhmm, last year in 2021!” She says, thinking,

“Do you know why?” I ask.

“Well, no!” She says, puzzled.

“Question, did you and your mother ever see eye to eye?” I asked.

“What do you mean, eye to eye?” she asks, puzzled.

“Does it mean that you and your mother ever get along?” I said, explaining to her.

“Yes, we do! It just-” She says, pausing on her sentence.  

“It’s just, what?” I said, puzzled.

“It’s just been hard, what we have been through in the past!”

I was puzzled and wanted to know a bit further. 

“Could I ask why that is?” I said.

This way, I can let her trust me.

“Well, It all started when I was young. Life was amazing when I was younger; my parents loved me very much.” She says, gleaming with a bright smile.

“But until I was a toddler, one day, my dad decided to get a divorce. Since my mother was spoiled by money and luxury, that dad had enough of it!” She says, frowning.

Giya sighed, “My mom wanted to get a divorce for another reason. That I have forgotten.” 

“Soon, they got the divorce paper and decided I would live with my dad. While inviting my mom on the weekends and summertime.” She says, smiling.

“Dad was busy working at his computer company called sausage. But soon, she was running her makeup brand and getting married.” She says with a straight face.

But it made me think of what she was feeling inside.

“When I learned that mom was getting engaged, I stormed to my room: crying and getting frustrated with mom, marrying someone else so soon!” She says, clenching her fits.

“My dad kept trying to get me out of my room. But I didn’t not until mom would come here and explained this! So dad called mom, but she said she had other things to do with the wedding.” She says, standing up, getting frustrated.

Chapter 7: the accident!

      “But how did you know that he called your mom?” I say.

“I eavesdropped on the call, and it was on speaker.” She says, smirking.

“Ada girl!” I say, hitting her back, “Sorry,”

“It’s okay! “She smiled,

“So dad decided to open the lock to come in. He told me they went their different ways and are not returning together.” She says, smiling.

“That somehow worked, and I went to the wedding. But soon, one day, my dad was in a car accident in the morning. When I was asleep and-” She started crying again.

I hugged her, trying to comfort her.

She finally said, “And I wasn’t there to save him! I could have woken up early. But I didn’t, and it is all my fault!” She says, sobbing.

“And when I went to my mom’s house. She didn’t even care about me. She stopped my education to make me steal to get me in jail. So that she doesn’t have to bother caring for me!” She says, crying angry tears.

She said, “She never cared about me, even after dad’s accident!” 

I can’t let her cry too loud.

I hugged her tighter, “It’s not your fault! I had felt like this before. But I always tell myself it’s not!” I say, standing up.

I slowly walked towards the nunchucks and turned, checking to see if anyone was spying on us.

I picked up the nunchucks, “Let’s get revenge!” I say, smirking at her.

She looked at me, confused.

“Why are you helping me? You don’t know me that well, and neither do I!” She said.

“Because,” I sighed, tossing the knife. “To be honest, I never had a good or luxurious life. And I don’t have anything I cherish in life.” I said, grabbing the knife from the air.

“So consider it a deed for not telling the police that I was breaking out,” I say, smirking.

She smiled in delight.


Chapter 8: Mom drama!


     I dinged the doorbell.

I could feel a shaky hand; I looked down to see giya shaking.

I smiled, touching her head. 

“Hey,” I say to her.

She looks back at me, “You will be okay! I have your back, all right!” I said, smiling.

She nodded, “Right,”

Suddenly the door opens, and women with blonde hair and little blue eyes come at the door.

She looked like she was at a party, wearing a shiny pink dress and a jacket.

She stared at us like trash, “What do you guys want? If you can see, I’m tired right now!” She closed the door on us.

I burst into fuming anger.

“Hey,” I say, swinging the door open(which is not locked).

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING? THIS IS YOUR DAUGHTER, not an orphan with no home!” I say, yelling at the top of my lungs.

The lady looked at me, sitting with such shock. 

She smirked, standing up. “So this is my daughter, no wonder she is with a snob like yourself.” She said.

I was shocked; it was like she could seriously be an actor.

I touched my head, smirking with greed.

“Snob, watch whom you are talking to!” I say, almost hitting the lady.

But someone graded me by the arm.

I turned to see Gaiya trying to stop me from hitting her.

She looks at me, determined. 

“I’ll deal with her!” 

I looked at her in awe.

Well, it’s her mother, so she should deal with this.

I sat down, “Are you sure?” I asked.

She smiled, “Yes, I’m sure,” 

I sighed, standing up, “Okay then,” I said, going to the door.

Chapter 9: Family drama! Giya

**(after she left)**

Ever since I was born, I thought she was the most beautiful, sweetest mother a girl could have.

But when I see her now, her shiny dress and jacket, with trash scattered everywhere.

I see that all those years of loving her were for nothing!

She never loved me; she just thought of me as her doll, playing with me and my feelings.

That must be why my father left since she has been playing with my father too!

I looked down at the floor, where there was a plastic can.

“Mom, I just want to say,” I sighed,” I don’t want ever to see you again! You tricked me, lied to me.” 

I said, taking a deep breath. “I’m going to be adopted by someone else. So you don’t have to worry, not as you will.” I said.

I was about to close the door.

“Giya, Giya, I want to tell you that the dad you thought was your father isn’t your real father!”

“What,” I said, swinging open the door.

“I cheated on him for your other dad. If you want to know who he is, his name was Charles, Charles Brave.”

“The president!” I said, shocked.

“Ya, when I heard that name, I knew, I knew,” she muttered.

“Thank you for telling me. Now goodbye forever!” I said, closing the door.

Chapter 10: My life for the better! 

        I went across the yarn, having more thoughts popping inside my head: what was happening? Is she all right? Why isn’t she out yet?

“Wait, am I her mother?” I laughed.

“It feels like it, though,” I said, smiling.

I heard the door open and saw it was giya coming out.

“Hey g-Gita, Giya, I want to tell you that the dad you thought was your father isn’t your real father!” I said as her mother interrupted me.

This sounded interesting, so I eavesdropped on the conversation.

Her mother told her that her father(not her birth father) knew about her daughter when they met. But her birth father was the president.

She finally closed the door; she looked at me in cold, dead-stern eyes.

“You heard?” She asked, not changing her expression.

“Ya,” I said.

A sudden silence came throughout the room.

“I know your life sucks, and mine is too.” She hesitantly.” But what if we both stand together as one.” 

I looked confused, almost calm. “What do you mean?” She asked.

“We should live together, like a family. I mean, we just met, and I had always wanted to when I had someone other than my mom with me-What are you trying to say?” I said, interrupting her.

“I’m saying that we should face life together!” She said, taking out my hand.

“What do you think?” She asked.

I smiled, ”All right,” I said, grabbing her hand.

We walked out of that house together, never setting foot on it again.


I gave everything back to the police in secret after that day.

We reported about her mothers stealing money from her father, cheating, and making her daughter steal other things.

She was sentenced to lifelong prison. At the same time, I got custody of giya (saying that I was her long, distant cousin).

We soon got new passports and moved to Paris, where she and I wanted to live.

We got an apartment for some of the money I had.

I used half to finish college, graduating with flying colors.

I got a job as a fashion designer(now really famous) and a few years after we had a café of our own.

Today we celebrate the day we first met and stayed together for more years to come.

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