“The Broken Pieces of My Heart: Why I keep going on like this?”

“The Broken Pieces of My Heart: Why I keep going on like this?”

My life is a puzzle broken down into pieces. Until, there’s nothing left; friends, family, and loved ones, all gone from me. But that has left me strong, brave, and independent.

Chapter 1: Jail time!

I woke up in an old cell, with rats scurrying around me.

“Eww,” I say, standing up and killing the wrecked beasts.

The cell door shook open with a bang. I saw a man in a jail uniform.

“Hello, how are you doing in this prison cell?

I blink twice to see cleanly, saying nothing at all.

“You’re not going to talk, figures!” he says, walking away.

Where am I?

What am I doing in a place like this?

What day is it?

“Wait what’s day?”

“It’s the 27 of August, a Saturday. Check the calendar, idiot!”

I ignored him, looking away.

I could hear his footsteps slowly fading away.

The day after was my birthday. I had planned a massive scheme to celebrate.

But guess where I am now: I must have gotten caught.


Chapter 2: Abscond escape

“Ugh, I have to get out of here. Before I am in this cell forever!” I say, sighing.

I glance to see a window blocked by a few metal bars.

“Perfect,” I say, smirking.

I look around to see dusty bunk beds, a chair on the corner devoured by rats, and a beat-up couch with graffiti written all over it.

“I guess, I’ll have to take the rats down!” I say, going to the couch.

I took a couch pillow, seeing that there had been a sharp pocket knife and a nunchucks.

“Yess,” I say, whispering.

I slowly pick up the two weapons.

I suddenly stopped, looking out of the cell to see if anyone was around.

“Good, the coast is clear!” I say, looking back at the weapons.

“Now, let’s test these babies out!” I say, banging the bars of the window rapidly.

“Umm, what are you doing?” Someone says.

Chapter 3: Jail mate!

I pause, glancing to see a young girl with blonde/orange hair and green eyes

She was rubbing her eyes.

She had a long white dress with pockets on them.

It had seemed as if she had been asleep.

“What are you doing?” She says, looking at me in confusion.

“Where’s mommy?” She says she is crying.

Why would her mom be here?

She reminded me of myself; when I was her age.

I walk towards her slowly, “why would your mom be her?”

“Well, she told me to get something for her in this big building.”

“So since she wanted to get it.” She says with a toothy grin.

Curious, I wonder why she made a child get an item for her. I mean She looks way too young to even have to be here!

“What did she want to get?” I say, with suspicion.

“It was a circle that looked like a donut with a pretty shiny thing.” She says, motioning to the item.

She starts going into her pocket, looking for the object. “Oh, it’s right here!”

She says taking out a diamond ring.

I look at her in awe, “Where did you get that?”

Chapter 4: the absurd mother

“I got it from a building called gem to diamonds.”

“No way, so you stole it for my mom?”

“But, why?”

“Because, because she told me to! Sir,”

“How dare you call me sir. You witch-I’m sorry!” She says, standing up, bowing her head.

I felt kind of bad about my words.

I patted her on the head. ”It’s fine, just don’t call me sir!” I say, smiling.

“Wait, you’re not going to hurt me?” She said, puzzled.

“No, it’s fine people anyway think I am a man!” I say, lying to her.

Even though, at the time they thought, I was a guy with a weird taste in fashion.

“No, but I call you a man. So I must be punished!” She says, bowing.

Silence came into the room

“Do it! Do it!”

“Nah, I don’t want to hurt you ok!” I say, hugging her.

But that only led her to tears.

“Beating is the way to happiness right!” She says, trying to smile.

“WHO told ya that insane of a thing?” I say, yelling at her.

“My m-mom,” She says, muttering quietly.

I looked at her, concerned.

Why would a devilish mother like hers, do such a thing?

I sighed and sat down stretching my legs.

I gleaned at her, “you want to sit down?” I ask in delight.

“Ok,” she says sitting down, crisscrossed.

“So when did your mom ask you to steal?” I ask her.

Chapter 5: Gina’s past

“Uhmm, last year in 2021!” She says, thinking,

“Do you know why?” I ask.

“Well, no!” She says, puzzled.

“Question, did you and your mother ever see eye to eye?” I asked.

“What do you mean, eye to eye?” she asks, puzzled.

“Does it mean that you and your mother ever get along?” I said, explaining to her.

“Yes, we do! It just-” She says, pausing on her sentence.

“It’s just, what?” I said, puzzled.

“It’s just been hard, what we have been through in the past!”

I was puzzled and wanted to know a bit further.

“Could I ask why that is?” I said.

This way, I might be able to let her trust me.

“Well, It all started when I was young. You see, when I was younger life was amazing and my parents loved me very much.” She says, gleaming with a bright smile.

I smiled, this was the first time she had smiled like this before.

“But until I was a toddler, one day my dad decided to get a divorce. Since my mother was spooled by money and luxury, and dad had enough of it!” She says, frowning.

Giya sighed, “My mom wanted to get a divorce for another reason. That I have forgotten.”

“Soon they got the divorce paper and decided that I would be living with my dad. While inviting my mom on the weekends and summer time.” She says, smirking.

“Dad was busy working at his computer company called Samsung. But soon she was running her makeup brand and was getting married.” She says, with a straight face.

This made me think of what she was feeling inside?

Soon when I realized that mom was getting engaged. I stormed to my room: crying and getting frustrating with mom, marrying someone else so soon!” SHe says, clenching her fits.

“My dad kept trying to get me out of my room. But I didn’t not until mom would come here and explain this! So dad called mom, but she said that she had other things to do with the wedding and all.” She says, standing up, getting frustrated.

Chapter 6: the accident!

“But how did you know that he called your mom?” I say.

“I was easily dropped in the call and it was on speaker.” She says, smirking.

“Ada girl!” I say, hitting her back.

“Sorry, youse!” I say, embarrassed.

“It’s fine!“

“So dad decided to open the lock to come in. He told me that they both went their different ways and they are not going back together.” She says, smiling.

“That somehow worked and I went to the wedding. But soon one day, my dad was in a car accident in the morning. When I was asleep and-” She said, starting to cry again

I hugged her trying to comfort her.

She finally spoke out, “And I wasn’t there to save him! I could have woken up early. But I didn’t and it is all my fault!” She says, sobbing.

“And when I went to my mom’s house. She didn’t even care about me. She stopped my education to make me steal to get me in jail. So that she doesn’t have to bother caring for me!” She says, crying angry tears.

She started rubbing her eyes, “She never cared about me, even after dad’s accident!”

I can’t let her cry too loud or the both of us will be caught for the knife and nunchucks.

I hugged her tighter, “It’s not your fault believe me! I had felt like this before. But I always tell myself it’s not!” I say, standing up.

I walked like a zombie to the nunchucks.

I turn, checking to see if anyone was spying on us.

I picked up the nunchucks, “Let’s tell your mom to leave you, for once and for all, huh!” I say, smirking at her.

She looked at me confused.

“Why are you helping me! You don’t even know me and neither do I!” She said as I started breaking the bars.

“Because I can tell you’re not lying! Since I can tell what is crying vs lying?” I say, smirking.

“Let’s go avenge liberty!”


Chapter 7: liberty or bad luck, Gaiya

We arrived at my home; huge and pretty, but kept many secrets hidden.

I shiver as I look at the house.

“Do we have to come here! Is there any other way, then going through the love of despair?” I say, hesitating.

She looks at me, smirking. “No, you got to pedal to your fears to get the metal!” She says, putting her hand on my shoulder.

“But I’m not even afraid of my house!” I say, lying.

She looks at me, pointing.”You’re shaking like a crazy girl!”

I look at my hands to the tile of my legs.

I was shaking, really badly. But the thing was I couldn’t stop.

All my fears were in that house; even my worst ones!

I quickly grabbed an object; holding it tightly.

Holding it, I felt a tingling warm sensation.

I glace to see the object was a hand.

But not just any hand; it was a hand or person I could trust.

Even if I didn’t know her name; I knew that I would have to thank her someday.

“Are we going? Or are you going to be here at the front of the gate?” She asks me with a tender smile.
She smirked, showing her fit up.

“We can do this right!” She says, moving them to me.

“Yes, we can!” I say, punching her fit.

You can do this!

I turned to her, “Yes, let’s go!” I say, grinning.

“Let’s go!”

She opened the gate since it wasn’t locked.

Ugh, that’s my mom for you.

We both hold hands, walking into my house.

Chapter 8: Mom drama! Evilla

I dinged the doorbell; still feeling a shaky hand in fear.

I realized she was still shaking like crazy.

I rolled my eyes, touching my head.

“Hey,” I say, to her.

She looks back at me, “You will be ok! I have your back alright!” I said to her.

She nodded, “Alright.”

Suddenly the door opens, and a woman with blonde hair and light blue eyes comes at the door.

She looked like she was at a party, having a shiny pink dress with a jacket on it.

She stared at us, like some trash, “WHat do you guys want? If you can see I´m swamped right now!” She closed the door on us.

I burst into fuming with anger.

“Hey,” I say, swinging the door open; which, wasn’t locked!

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING? THIS IS YOUR DAUGHTER, not an orphan with no home!” I say, yelling from the top of my lungs.

The lady looked at me, sitting with such shock.

I felt proud of myself for a few minutes.

Until she smirked, standing up. “So this is my daughter, no wonder she is with a snob like yourself.” SHe said.

I was shocked, it was like she could be an actor like seriously.

I touched my head, smirking with such greed.
“Snob, watch who you are talking to!” I say, almost hitting the lady.

But someone graded me by the arm.

I turned to see, Gaiya trying to stop me from hitting her.

She looks at me, determined. “I´ll deal with her!”

I looked at her in awe.

I smirked, looking back at her mom, then at her again.

I shook her hand off, “Ok!” I say, going to the door.

**(An hour later)**

The door creaks open, I glance to see Giya walking out, with a basket full of baguettes.

But they weren’t going to hold themselves.

I smiled, taking a few baguettes in my hands. “Let me help,”

She grinned, “Thanks,”

I change the subject, as we walked out of the door. “Now how was talking to your mother?” I ask her gently.

She made an ominous face, “It went fine.” She said.

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