Mermaid Tales; The Mermaid in the Ocean

Mermaid Tales; The Mermaid in the Ocean

Mermaid Tales; The Mermaid in the Ocean

     The Morning Sun rises, brightening the sky, with its hue of orange. The breeze sends the morning air flying with no tomorrow. 

The ocean water gently drifts, along with a teenage girl, eyes of a bonfire and hair like a savanna.  

Chapter 1: The Memory of Life for Death or Savagery? 

   The girl floats on the surface of the water. 

Sleeping, the girl sways gently through the water, not waking. 

The daytime creature wakes, starting another day in the sunlight.  


      Dark blue waves strike the ocean.

 Massive amounts of freezing droplets of frigid rain drizzle on my irritated body.

But the worst part is having the wind blow you off a miniature wooden raft.

That can’t even withstand your own body weight!

Why can’t I enjoy some tv on the big screen! 

“At least I put a spell on the wooden raft, or I’d be drowning by now,” I say, muttering.

“Hey, are you listening, kid!” An older voice says.

This is going to be a long day! 

I rolled my eyes, recalling what the man said.

I turned to see a boat not far from me. “About what, your idea to capture creatures to sell for!” I say, rolling my eyes.

“Well, listen here, mister, I’m not going to let that happen, or at least not over my dead body!” I said, pointing at the boat.

“Well, we will have to see about that desire!” The sailor says, mumbling. 

The ocean hurries, “Anyway, we have your friends here!” The captain says, spreading an unwilling smirk.

“Show me where they are?” I said, demanding.

Suddenly one of the sailors pointed a gun at me, “Watch your mouth, little lady, or you’ll be – Leave her, sailor!” The captain said, patting the sailor.

“But sir, she just offended you! Are we supposed to be standing here and – now, sailor Rolias!” Captain Crawford said.

Captain Crawford whispers in Rolias ear, “We don’t want her to get out of our hands, do we!”

I heard that! I knew that they were plotting against me.

Suddenly a sailor grabbed a cage, brutally mocking the organism inside.

I look closer to see a seagull, looking helpless, trying to get out. 

I laugh a little.

He had a seeable scar on his wings, “Jayden!” I say, puffing air out.

He was a part of our elite group.

I look to see him having a neon purple bracelet on his talon.

I guess that’s what’s causing him not to transform yet!

I started to cry, releasing the pain from my tiers. 

“No,” I said silently.   

I stopped crying instantly to not show any of my weaknesses. 

“What about the others?” I questioned.

“Two of them are here,” the captain says, making the sailors move around the small boat.

Then, I see two creatures fighting over(PB&J’s with salmon or not) duct-taped in the corner of the boat.

I roll my eyes at them.

Merlin and Eveno.

“And,” he says, smirking.

He pulled a rope of some sort.

“Come on,” the man said, pulling the rope.

He pulled the rope to the front to see that it was: Bailey and Aheam in their dolphin forms. 

           That was enough!

“What do you guys want for my friends?” I say, holding my hands on my hips, sighing.

“We only need one thing, that is You! Orlean Becima!” He says, pointing at me.

I hesitated.

 But understood it was the only way to save my friends!

“Ok, but on one condition; I can talk to them before we release them!” I say, pointing.

“You know what happens when you mess with me on deals? Right,” I say, making a wave come behind me.

“Ok,” He says, shaking my hand.

 But I felt an ominous chill running through my spine.


Some sailors helped me climb onto the boat and off the miniature wooden raft.

I turned to see that the miniature raft was still moving through the choppy ocean.

“The spell didn’t wear off, did it?” I say, puzzled.

“What,” One of the sailors said, looking at me.

“Oh, nothing,” I say, looking at the boat.


We open the cage, cutting the duct tape and rope off my friends.

Then I waved to them as the boat moved away from my friends.

This might be my last memory, but it was worth it! 

Helping the people you love the most!


Chapter 2: A Dream, worth telling!

   I woke up to see the big blue ocean.

“What the, how did I get here?” I say, confused.

I look around to see the vast ocean and a boat the size of the titanic!

A boat!

“Hey, hey! I’m down here, people!” I say, waving my hands around to make myself noticeable.

“BOOM!” Something crashes into the water, slowly exploding in the water.

But suddenly, additional explosions came throughout the water.  

I swam away rapidly, trying to get to the beach.

My body was extremely exhausted.

But, I still tried to move away from the explosions.

Broken pieces of the objects dissolve throughout the ocean.

Then an object lures me to the beach.

I try to push it off me. 

But I couldn’t defend myself.     

It placed me on the beach.

 I cough out the water, trying to breathe.

“Who are you? Why did you save me?” I say, laying down.

“You mean you don’t remember your friends?”

“Ya, did you forget us?” A cruel voice says.

I slowly sat up, feeling a small weight from my stomach to my lap.

Realized that the weight on my lap was red-legged kittiwake.

“Hmm, I wonder?” I say, curious.

“How do I know that this seagull is a red-legged kittiwake?” I say, petting the seagull.


“You are not supposed to be here. This plan would have worked, but you messed it up clearly!” The voice said.

“Hey, You’re not the boss, and I wanted to see her; Is she alright? So sorry for worrying about her!” The bird says, crossing its wings.

The unknown girl(I obverse) was fighting with the seagull for some reason, speaking clear English.

I was getting a headache from these crazy creatures.

I tried to close my ears.

I looked forward to the ocean, seeing the boat that had just attacked me.

It was slowly creeping to the beach.

Oh no!

“STOP FIGHTING ALREADY! Can’t you see the boat with explosives coming close to the bay!” I say, yelling from the top of my lungs.

I had enough of their bickering!

“Ya, I can see that!” The voice says.

“Jet eye, do your thing!” She says, yelling.

“Ok, ok, you don’t have to yell that loud. My ear can’t always take your volume!” The bird says sarcastically.

“If this is a dream, this is the best one I have had since, hmm. I don’t remember!” I say, puzzled.

I suddenly redirected my attention to their fight.

“Just do it!” She says.

“Ok,” the bird says,

  The bird points,” Are those watermelons?”

I turned, running away, looking around for those thirst-quenching watermelons. 

I haven’t had water for days!

But I didn’t find any.

“That blind bird, can it even see that we’re on a beach!” I say, walking back with nothing in my hands.

I looked to see that the bird had left.

Instead, A teenage boy was there, where the bird had been sitting.

“huh!” I say, muttering.

“What the-,” I said.

“Where is the bird?” I said, confused.

“He is fine! He just flew away.” He says, smiling.

“How do you know it’s a boy?” I say, defending myself.

“I can tell! Now look here,” he says, slowly moving a necklace. 

I looked to see what he wanted to show me.

“You are having fun with your family and friends on a beach!” The boy says.

I suddenly fall, looking at the sand, slowly closing my eyes.

“I will come for you, ok!” the voice said briskly, swimming away.

“Ya, later!” The boy says, changing into a bird, leaving.

Chapter 3: The Sharks bite first!

   The sailors on the boat quickly transport the girl on the coastline into their ship.

The ship moves across the water, swimming away from the scene. 


“Hello,” one of the sailors said,” Yes, and I would like to talk to the dr. piranhas, please!” 

A seagull swoops into the boat, going near the girl.

“Huh,” I said, slowly moving my head.

The sailor neal’s down to the girl, taking out something from his pocket.

“Where is that,” He says, taking out a shot.

He injects a shot into her skin, “There, now tell him that he needs to go fishing on the Sharks. Asap,” he says, ending the call.

Chapter 4: Is there a doctor in the boat?


   A small canoe lingers near the boat, Along with a man in a lab coat with a small bag. 

In the bag, there lived; little medications and needles poking out in the openings.

He comes on board, looking at the captain in concern. 

“Why did you call me this early? You know, I have some patients to run to!” he says, getting something out of the bag.

“We need to have the checkup first, just to see if she is the right girl we’re looking for,” A man in a cowboy hat with bite marks ignores him.


“Here you go; this will make you sleepy for a while.” 

He grabs some other unexpected tools from his bag. 

“All right, let’s check you up.” The Doctor says, putting on his rubber gloves; with a wicked smile. 


The man walks away from the girl with a sinister grin.

“She is the accurate specimen of king Poseidon.” 

 “She is in perfect condition with no wounds. She will be fine. Just let her rest,” The man said, smirking deviously.

“Now for my payment, Captain Crawford.” 

“You will get it later!” The captain says, beaming.   

“Last time, you insisted on letting the money roll! But I haven’t got my money, ever since then!” He said, annoyed.

“So if you don’t give me the money soon! I may tell King Megalodon about this!” He says with a toothy grin.

“Ok, here and some extra. Now go on,” Crawford says, furious.

“Thank you for your service,” he says, walking away.

“Captain, do you want us to guard her?” some sailors said, walking directly to the captain.

“Yes, of course!” He says, smiling.

Walking towards the wheel.


Chapter 5: “Wake up, sleepyhead!” Orlean

    “Wake up, sleepyhead!” Someone was shaking me.

 “Huh,” I say, waking up.

“Where am I?” I asked.

“You are in the Atlantic Ocean; I am the captain of this-Cak, Cuk, Ak, Cukkkk!” Captain Crawford says, but a gull interrupts this sentence.

Did he just say, “Captain of this stinky ship, it doesn’t even have a bathroom in it!” 

I laugh, smiling.

“What’s so funny!” He says.

“Oh nothing,” I say, smirking.

“The names, Crawford, Captain Crawford,” he said, shaking her hand keenly.

“Hey,” the bird says, going on my lap.

“Knock, knock!”

“Who’s there?” I said, petting the bird.

“Crawford,” he says, smiling.

I could tell this bird was a joker at heart!

I smiled, “Crawford, who?”

“Crawford is crawing out for you!” He says, smirking.

I sighed, glaring at him. 

“Tough crowd!” I say, crossing my hands and rolling my eyes.

“I see,” he says, smirking with his beak.

I looked at the gull closely, “I saw you before! Before the boat caught me!” I say, pointing at him.

Something stabbed me in my back, and I fell fast asleep.

“Good, we can still use her somehow,” The captain says, walking away.

“Take that bird! It’s going to make us lose her trust.” He says, shooing as the sailors try to take the bird.

The gull flew up, “I’ll never

let her forget the team and me!”                                    


Chapter 6: The Unknown voice in the water!

    A hue of dark purple, blue and pink flourished in the beautiful night sky. 

The clear, white stars shone like white pearls on a wedding dress in the night. 

A Sweet breeze surrounds the night sky, making it clear and subtle.


“Hello! Wake up! “Someone says, yelling at me.

“Ahh!” I screamed.

“Shhh, listen up!” The voice of a girl says.

“What?” I say, suddenly waking myself. 

“We got the mermaids on the ship free, thanks to you!”

“And now we can set you free!” The bird says.

“How can I understand you? And how can you speak English?” I say, pointing at the gull.

“Because-Don’t tell her, we don’t have time!”

“Who are you, voice?” I ask, looking in the water. 

The silence came through the night.

“I won’t budge until you answer me!” I say, yelling.

“Ok, ok!” They both say.

“Hi,” said the voice,

 Suddenly, a girl appeared out of the water. 

She had gorgeous yellowish/green eyes and pretty dark brown hair. 

 “I’m a friend of yours. My name is Marine, Marine Mér!” She says, bowing her head.

“But you can just call her Merlin!” He says, smiling.

“No, you didn’t!” She says, trying to hit the gull.

But the bird kept moving away from the marine.

“Ahh, you can’t get me,” he said.

“Guys, Stop!” I say, frustrated.

They look at me in awe.

“Oh, never mind!” She said.

“Ok, and you, how can you understand me and know how to speak straightforward English!” I say, pointing at the bird from a distance.

“By the way, where was that extremely long white hair boy? In my Dream, with you all.” I ask.

“Because I am a human, and I’m the boy with long white hair!” He says, transforming into a boy.

What? He looks exactly like him! This is crazy. I’m in a dream or what?

He bowed to me, “My name is Jayden, Thornsea!” 

“Ohhh, shut up!” I say, hitting his head.

“Ow.” He said.

I started to have a headache.

I put a hand on my head, slowly tilting my head to my side.

“Also, that was not a dream. It was true, all of it!” She says, scrawny smirking.

“Anyway, I’m gonna rescue you. So – How can I trust you? I mean, I don’t know who you are!” She said, but I interrupted her.

“Well, We are the only ones that you can trust.” He says, ominously smirking. 

He slowly sat down, putting his arm on his knee and chin over his hand.

He starts to stare at me weirdly. 

“What are you looking at, you creep!” I say, smacking his face.

“Oww, just listen!” He says, pointing to the boat.

“For what-Now that we have her. We can bribe Poseidon to give his powers.” Said the sailor on the boat.

Another sailor chuckled, saying, “Then we can give that power to Lord Piranhas. He’ll promote us to the top of the organization!” 

“How can I-We don’t have time for this. Are you coming with us or not!”

They looked at me, and I could tell they were telling the truth.

“Ok, so what should I do?” I say quietly. 

 She grins, “Jump,”  

“Jump. In the water.” I say, concerned. 

“But it is cold and…,” 

Suddenly, someone pulled my hand into the water, creating a big splash. 

It was Jaden! I shake his hand off.

Then Marlin goes into the water, swimming farther than us.

“Now swim fast!” Jaden says.

“Come on, slowpokes!”  

“Ya,” I say, sticking my tongue at Jayden.

He smiled.

I blushed, quickly turning back to catch up with Marlin’s speed.                  

Chapter 7: “My Feet vs. Tail!”                     


   Jaden decided to fly instead to see if the sharks were still on their tails.

Suddenly, I felt something tingling on my legs, “My Legs.” I say, yelling.

“What is happening to my legs?” 

“Uhhh, Ya!” She says, looking back at me. 

“They’re fine. Your legs are just turning into a mermaid tail.”

“But, this is not the time to explain. So just keep swimming!” She says, smiling, swimming faster.

 “Ok,” I said briskly.

“I was just curious,” I say quietly. 

I tried to swim, but my legs couldn’t, which didn’t make it any better. 

“Come on, tail swim, work with me here!” I said, angry.

Immediately, an object grabs my tail. I hesitantly turned around to see a sailor from the ship.

“I got you now,” The sailor says.

But he looked rather odd!

I detected that they had become mermaids using magic.

I smirked at him,” No, you didn’t,” I said, hitting my tail in his stomach.

“Now, let’s see what this mermaid tail can do!” I say, swimming away.

“Did he say he was watching to see if we’re in danger!” I say, muttering.

“Are you there, Orlean?” She says, turning around.

“Ya, how did you know? Why would you care?” I say, smirking.

She stares at me angrily,” Jaden begged me to help you, Orlean. Since he saw you were in danger.” She says, quickly swimming away. 

I laugh hard, “That are-Wait is that my name?” 

She turned around.

“What name?” She says, looking puzzled.

“I-Is Orlean my name?” I questioned. 

“Oh, ya, I forgot. Yes, it is your name, Orlean.” She says, smiling.

“Thanks for telling me that now!” I say, angry.

“You’re very welcome!” She says, giggling.


Chapter 8: “When missed placed.”


   Quickly, I got the hang of the tail. Swimming more smoothly and swiftly than the sailors had.

“Where are we really swimming to? “I ask.

“To a deep-sea volcano!” She says, smiling.

“Huh,” I say, looking at her, bewildered.

“But first, we’ll go to the sunlight zone. Which are already here!” She says, spinning in the clear water.

I smile,” And, what else?” I questioned.

“Then, we will go to these beautiful coral reefs. Where dolphins will aid us to help trick the sailors.” A familiar voice says, smirking.

“Who’s this?” I question,

“Oh, that’s stupid, Eveno, that still can’t give me the right coordinates to the dolphins!” She says, mad.

“Hey, I am trying! The least you can do is stop bickering about it!” He says, angry.


“What should we do?” He asks.

“Idk! Did you even get your gadget with you? So can we escape?” I ask.

“There was enough time to get anything!” Eveno says, yelling. 


I smiled,” That’s him!”

I shake my head. I looked to see that I was behind Merlin.

I quickly swam to her pace again.

“But she is right, you know! We have been waiting for a while and still haven’t gotten anything. “Jaden says.

“Not helping, slow-gull!” He says, annoyed.

“Hey, I told you not to call me that!” He said, angry.

I laughed. 

I never saw him mad, or did I?

“Hmm,” I say, shrugging my shoulders.

Merlin whispers something in my ear, “Eveno is a human with no powers. That was one of your school friends!”

“He is an annoying and bossy boy. At least he is amazing at technology, or he’d be useless to us!” She says, gleaming.

“I HEARD THAT!” He says, yelling.

“Why wouldn’t you! You have the ears of an elephant!” She says, smirking.

Chapter 9: Back in the team!

   We started to swim faster.

“Did you even get the twins, walkie-talkies to get excessed?” Jaden asks.

“NO, so let me do that!” He says, angry.

“Stop stressing me out already! I already have enough things to do!” He said, annoyed.

I could tell he was under grave stress.

I knew he hated being stressed!

I took the walkie-talkie for Marine, “Ok, just keep trying, Eveno!”

I smile, “And I think I can do something about the dolphins’ location.”

“Stop swimming for a minute!” I say, holding her hand.

She stops.

“Wow, you really got Orlean! I thought I would never see her again!” He says, starting to brawl.

“STOP CRYING and get those dolphin twins back on!” I say, yelling at him.

“Got it, boss!” He says, typing away at it.

“How did you-I just do!” I say, smiling. 

I interrupting Merlin and Jaden to concentrate!

I sit down in the sand.

I turned, “Please protect me!” I say to Merlin.

“You got it, chief!” She says, getting out her two swords.

I turned back, looking up at the water, “Hexamay,” I said, making a force field around me.

Chapter 10: A mother not like a son!!

   Suddenly, black fishlike creatures came straight at Marine.

The sand from underneath my hand had turned bright, shiny yellow.

“Hey Marine, look what I-Aww!” I say as someone yelled.

I turned around to see that Jaden was shielding marine and was shot in the arm. 

Someone had shot him. But who?

He had blood dripping through his arm.

It looked painful, but he was still fighting.

“I’m running out of blood, people!” Jaden says,

“Can’t go any faster, Orlean!” She says, irritated.

“Ya, on it!” I say, touch the sand.

“Dolphins in the sea follow the sand that glows. Before, it turned to dust.” I said.

 “You coming,” she said.

“Almost there, almost!” I say, mumbling.

“What, UGH!” She says on her knee.

“What happened?” I say, get

She had slipped and twisted her knee.

“Stop moving!” I say, trying to heal the wound.

“Can you heal now?” Jaden says, looking at me in awe.

“What do you mean? I could always heal? And looking at what you are doing first!” I say, angry.

“I thought your magic was blocked in your body, like in legend!” He says, attacking the creatures.  

“What!” I say.

 “Since your parents didn’t want you to be capable of such magic!” Merlin says.

“Now, look what we have here?” A voice says, creeping closer. 

I turn to see black ink clogging the ocean.

Chapter 10: the thought of not being born!

    Merlin and I sat down, coughing.

But Jaden stood up, irritated.

“So it was you that made your security fish attack us! Why mother?” He said, pointing at her.

I look to see a woman in a black ripped dress with black shoes.

Her mischievous grin made my head hurt more.

“I know her!” I say, touching my forehead.

“Yes, as always, my son is with his friends.” She says, frowning.

“What is happening?” I said, confused.

The perfect time to strike when, conscience!” She says, crossing my arms.

He smacks his forehead, “Mom, why do you need to prove to the sea kingdom that you’re single!” He said, raging in frustration.

She blushed, getting hostile.

“It’s not why! Do I have to tell you this over again! Even your father would understand this better than you!” She says, fuming with rage.

“Look, if you don’t have anything to say, can you please go!” He says, touching the neck off his hair.

“We have an important mission and need to stick to it! Come on, guys!” He said, turning around.

The women didn’t move an inch.

He turned halfway, smirking, “Unless you would like us to tell the king that you were smiths are presents!”

I could see that it was a family feud just waiting to happen.

“How dare you say that to your own mother! Can you understand that she wanted to see you?”

“Well, I didn’t want to see you! I am not going into those schemes of yours, Mother!”

“Well, why won’t you at least listen to me about them!” She says, getting angry.

“Because I don’t want to! I am sick and tired of playing your games anymore!” He says, yelling.

“Listen, I don’t want to get into a mother and a son fight,” I say, walking up to them.

“But if he says he doesn’t want to! Then he doesn’t want to, ok!” I say.

“And I am also sorry. But we need to be going right now!” I say, spreading a color prober on us.

“Let him just have fun in dangerous situations!” I say, showing my fists out.

“Bye now,” I say, waving to her with dolly eyes.

Chapter 11: The Unknown past!

   We were transported into the ocean.

“Let’s go,” I say, smiling

 Swam fast, trying to find the dolphins.

“Hey, is it me, or the sharks have stopped following us?” I say, puzzlers.

“Maybe! Hey, Eveno, can you see what happens?” Marine asked. 

“Well, I think that they aren’t following you anymore.” He said.

“But I can’t see them anywhere.” He says, nervous.

“Well, keep trying, ok!” I said, anxious.

“Yes, ma’am!” He said, saluting.

“You don’t have to do that. It just makes me feel weird!” I said.

“You didn’t tell him?” Jaden said.

“Hu, what do you mean?” I ask.

“I guess you forgot!” He says, becoming silent.

“So, was that your mother a few minutes ago?” I question,

He looked down in sign, “Yes, and an evil one at most!” He says, clenching my fists.

“Why did you tell us? That woman is your mother?” Marine asks.

“Wait, so you never told us!” I ask.

“I thought I forgot because of anesthesia!” I said, rolling my eyes.

“No, I didn’t tell you. That I am the son of Aurora and Medina.” He said.

“But didn’t she leave the kingdom and didn’t get married?” I ask.

“Yes, but before they had married. My parents always met, because of them, soon to be married.” He says, sighing.

“And got me, the day of their marriage on August 2.” He says, frowning.

“After I was born, she kidnapped my dad, and he is still in a cage to be a father!” He says, crying.

Marine and I stopped. “Are you ok?” We ask.

“No, I always think it’s my fault for being born that made my father stay in that cage.” He says, crying.

“We all have ups and downs in life. But never think about not being BORN!” I say, angry.

I hugged him tightly, crying hard. “Without you, I wouldn’t have known who I was until now!-Hey, but I helped too.” She interrupted. I stared at him, angry.

She turned around.

I turn back, still hugging, “without you, I would have got captured again. And without the eyes of the sky, I wouldn’t know what we do!” I said.

“NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN!” I say, crying.

“Ok, I won’t. So don’t cry for you. I will end up crying again.” He says, breaking my hug.

But I still cried.

This was all my fault! If I had escaped the boat, then I would have gotten anyone hurt.

Anyone to get hurt.

“Hey, guys, when you are done with this sappy talk. Can we go on the dolphin?”

“Wait, I think I know how to heal your wound,” I said to him,

“No, it can be – Just get it here!” I say, grappling his arm.

I started to cry but kept on moving his hand.

“Stop, this is weird!” He said, annoyed.

“Shut up, or I will take those things back, plus I am helping you,” I cried.

“My tears can cure the wounded!” I said as the wound disappeared.

But the bullet still remained. 

I stopped crying and took the bullet out of his arm. 

“There, you are welcome!” I said, smiling 

“Thanks,” He says with a toothy grin.

“Hello, am I dead to you guys?” She asked.

Chapter 12: A mermaid has a tough life!

   “Lol, you never did, sadly! Jk,” I said, slipping.

But something got me. It was carrying me.

I blushed,” No, stop carrying me!” I say, yelling like a toddler.

“Uh, no, not until you’re ok!” He said.

He put me on a dolphin with him.

He whispered in Marine’s ear,” Is she ok?” 

And she replied, “Ya, I think it’s one problem for curing others.”

“Ok, come on, guys.”

“Are you ready, sis!” One of the dolphins said.

“It’s not a time to fool around!” Marine says.

“Aww, come on!” The other dolphin said.

“If this is a dream, just know I am a goddess at heart.”

“What happened to Orlean!” a dolphin asks,

“She healed some dummy!” She says, pointing at Jaden.

“Hey, don’t call someone a dummy!” He says.

“We need to swim a little more, all right. So hold on tight.” She says.  

“Ok, let go. Aquarius.” I say, as the dolphins quickly swim.

 “Aquarius?” Merlin says, confused.

“My new catchphrase!” I say, smiling.

“Ya,” she says, hitting her head.


“So, are we hiding or swimming?” One of the dolphins said.

“Both!” Merlin said, smirking.

“I think I feel a bit better!” I say, holding my head.

“And just saying, if there are more talking creatures, tell me that before I think it is all but a dream!” I said, dizzy.

They laugh, going above the water for the dolphins to breathe.

“But you know that for us, mermaids. We can communicate with sea creatures.” She says, smirking.

“You gotta be kidding me! Before this, did I get used to this animal talking nonsense!” I said, annoyed and sleepy.

“By the way, what is your name? And are you guys humans?” I ask, looking at them.

“She forgot are-Ya for Anastasia in the ocean!” A dolphin said as I interrupted him.

“Don’t mind my brother, Aheam; my name is Bailey, Icicle.” One of the dolphins says.

“There are twins, and they are human/dolphins because Aurora(my mom) cures their kingdom.” He says, frowning

I put a hand on his shoulder, smiling.

Silence can be throughout us all.

Merlin changes that subject, “But I think you can talk to some land animals as well.” She said,

I chucked,” like what humans?” I said, laughing harder.

She blushed,” No, what I meant- she means dogs and cats!” Merlin says, but he interrupts her.

“That’s not really communicating since I just understand their needs,” I say, arguing.

“let’s agree to disagree!” She says, putting out her hand.

“Ok,” I say, shaking her hand.

Chapter 13: The way in and a way out!

   “We’re here,” Marine says.

We went off, the dolphins.

“Bye. I hope I see you again.” I say, waving goodbye to them.

“Bye!” She said calmly.

I whispered in her ear,” why are they leaving? Are they supposed to be with us?” I ask, bewildered.

“They’re coming! It’s just that they have hide the fact that “they are half dolphins.” She says in my ear.

“Since no one knows about that and for Jaden as well.” She said,

“Oh, I see,” I say.

So we only know that they are their other half, besides humans.

I had a slight aching that I needed to know more!

Everything that happens with them and my family.

I look at Maine, anxious as ever.

“Are you ok?

“The mermen are about to come any minute.”

“Let’s go fast, then.” I say, “How are we supposed to get in?”

Marine looked at me, then looked at her tail, blushing.

“What is the problem?” I say, confused.

“Ummm, Well.., we have to sing our way,” Marine says, turning into a cherry. 

I looked at her and Jaden for a minute, speechless for words.

But she kept on looking at her feet.

While he looked at his hands.

“What? What do you mean?” I asked, awed. 

“I mean, that’s the key.” He says, embarrassed.  

“The song is the sea and the earth. They’re always together: without it, we will die.” Marine says, singing.

“Why did we do that? Never mind,” I say, concerned, but decided not to talk about it.

I took a breath, “Let’s do it already!”

We hold each other’s hands.

 I blushed like a tomato. We started reciting the song to the volcano.

“The sea and the earth…” 

        **(3 minutes later)**

“Without it, we will die.” We finally stopped, telling each other to go.

“Good,” I say, rubbing my forehead.

“Uh,” They all say, looking at me in confusion.

I chuckle, embarrassed, “Just a habit! ” 

Suddenly, the lava started to move. I thought it was about to burst, but I was relieved. I was wrong! The lava moved sideways; it cleaned the lava, and there was an opened tunnel. 

“Let’s get in and fast!” Jaden said, smiling.

“Are you sure?” I say, a bit nervous.

“Ya, now come on,” Marine says, jumping into the volcano.

I took a deep breath and dived in. 

“Wow,” I said, lively.

I went to the bottom of the volcano. 


Chapter 14: Life as the daughter of a sea god! 


   We slowly dropped down to the bottom. Marine quickly walks to the middle of the volcano, and I follow. 

        “Ok, you see this, then that.” She says, hitting bottom.

“Ya. Is that “the hidden door”?” I ask, curious. 

“Yes, and there are many “hidden doors” in here. But we’re doing this to this one!” he said.

We all perch to the door, opening the latch. 

 We were going in. 

But suddenly, “Looky here.” Captain Crawford says with a toothy grin.

“I thought we would catch some underwater squid.” The captain said, toying with his hat.

 “But instead, we catch two little mermaids and a human at the bottom of the ocean!” He says, smirking.

I was going to give him a piece of my mind. But my friends would let me.

They just kept on pushing me back.

“You liar,” I say, finally saying the word.

“What did you say?” He looked at me straight.

“You are… Don’t Orlean.” Jaden said, interrupting me.

 He grabbed my hand, and Merlin pointed to the door’s direction.

I blush hard! 

I shake his hand off.

I was going to forget it and go through the door. “Well, little girl. Who can you really trust? “He said.

He looks at Marine and Jaden.

I looked at them.

They just turned around, looking at the bottom of the volcano.

“You have no idea who they are? And you trust them!” He asks suspiciously.

Chapter 15: Death or Glory? 

   I had enough of that cruel devil of a man.

“You were the one that threatened to hurt my friends! That would damage my home! Hurt adults, even children, and babies. Then why would I EVEN TRUST YOU AND YOUR STUPID CREW!” I say, yelling at him.

Captain Crawford looks at me in awe.

Suddenly the water became clear and quiet! 

I smirked, “You think I would forget that!” I say, frustrated.

“Well, I didn’t!” I say, clenching my fists.

“Now, if you don’t mind, I want to leave!” I say, walking away.

We opened the latch. 

I was done seeing that dude! 

The door swung open. It was attached to a tube, dropping us down.

“WOW,” I say, smiling.


Chapter 16: The Unknown, Eveno? 


   Marine takes the walkie-talkie and starts to talk to Eveno.” Immediately close the door, Eveno,” She said, demanding.

 The slide ended, as I fall on my face of the grassy rug.

While Marine and Jaden fell safely to the ground. 

Merina walks away as if nothing happened!

“Well, I know there are some people up there.” She says.

I started to sit up, touching my bloody bruise.

“Need some help!” He says, letting out his hand.

“Ya,” I says as he pulled me up.

“Thanks!” I say, smiling.

I started to follow Jaden, it looked like he knew this place more than I did!

“Well, at least try to keep them busy,” Marine says, opening a kit.

“Here.” She says and hands me a bandage.

“Thanks,” I say, getting the bandage.

“You might need more than one. Here,” Marine says, giving me the whole kit. 

“Go in that room. There’ll be a mirror that could help you see the bandages better.” 

“Ya, it’s Orlean. What do you think? I got another stray dog for us.” Merin says, walking away.

I laughed, leaving Marine and Jaden.


Chapter 17: Memories


   I get out of the bathroom. 

 Marine was there, still talking.

“Come on, let’s go their already waiting for you?” She said, walking toward me.

“Ok,” I said.

She starts to walk away from me, and I quickly follow her.

“What do you think? Orlean rarely listens to commands even from her father.” Marine says.

“Well, at least she is alive.” She says, smirking.

I smile; hearing that makes my heart spread with joy!

She opens a door, saying, “Tell her dad. She is ok!” She says.

I opened the door, as well.

“Ok, I will see you soon. Do what I said. Bye!” Marine says, turning it off. 

Chapter 18: The Mermaid Tales, the story of cindeno! Story 1:

   I open the door to see a boy, at least 13 years old. (Sitting in a wheelchair) with a tiny chibi on him.

Jaden, right next to the boy.

The twins were there too, waving at me.

I felt like I was at the prom.

The creature comes to me and scratches my legs. 

I look at it blankly. 


Then I realized that it was chewy.

“Chewy!” I say, slowly sitting down and hugging as she licky me.

“How do you remember her?” Aheam says. 

“I just do?” I say, picking up my puppy. 

“Who are you? Jk,” I said, smiling.

“Oh, who am I, and what is my back story?” He asks.

I put chewy down, letting him run around.

“You are Eveno, Eveno Hawk!” I say, smiling.

“You are one of my best friends! When I didn’t know I was half mermaid.”

“You lived with an evil stepmother and two evil stepdaughters! Your mother died when you were young and your father a few days after he was remarried.” I said confidently.

“So I called you, cindeno! Anyway, You made me spit it out. Then, I saw a mermaid named Marine that lives at the bottom of the ocean, etc.” I say, putting my hand on my head.

“No, I didn’t!” He said.

I rolled my eyes.

“Then you want to see her too. So one night, I introduced you to her, and we talked. After you told me that she was-umm,” I say, but he put my hand on my mouth. 

“He said what?” Marlin said, interested.

“She was just being funny!” He says, blushing hard(internally dying).

I smiled, “Anyway, the day after, Eveno was leaving. He didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want him to leave, so I opposed a plan and asked Merlin to help me.” 

“But she didn’t want to since she wasn’t sure about it!” I say, frowning.

“She what?” He says, getting sad.

“Are you ok?” Jaden says, worried.

“He will be alright,” I say, smirking.

“So we got him to live with me in this hideout. While doing school with me too. And soon got your legs broken from an adventure, and I think we still are finding a cure.” I say, putting my arms on my hips.

They all looked at me, astonished.

“Wow, that is amazing!” Bailey said, astonished.

“Ya, even if I lost my memoirs. I have got them back!” I say, smirking.

Chapter 19: “The Mermaid tales, the story of the life of the dolphin cures! Story 2:

   “Wait, then what about us?” Bailey asked, raising my hand up.

“Ya, let’s see!” Aheam asks, looking like a detective.

I smiled, “Bailey and Aheam icicles.”

“Your kingdom was cursed by Aurora(The Princess of the Ocean),” I say, trying to remember.

“She had almost got away from killing the whole kingdom. My father came to capture her.”

“After she was captured that night. She got hold of her magic and cured the other people by becoming half dolphin.” I said.

“Your family moved to this kingdom. But since you were broke. You guys had to work for a woman as a maid and workers of sea tails.” I say, frowning.

“The woman was rude and harsh. But you guys didn’t have a choice! One day, a sea mister was roaming through the kingdom, breaking everything in its tracks.” I say, smirking.

“You guys have helped us. And in return, my father reworded Baleiy and Aheam, gardens of earth.” I said.

“He gave your father a better job as a secretary of the kingdom! After, we asked the twins; If they wanted to be on our team? The two said yes, and here we are!” I say, with a toothy grin.

Silents came through the room.

Looking at them, I could see that; they were looking at me with bizarre eye contact!

I looked at them, puzzled.

I walk to them, “Are you all ok?” I say, slamming my hands on my friend’s shoulders.

Instead of them expressing to me that it hurt bad! 

They grabbed me in a tight hug, sobbing like old grandmas.

My heart skipped a beat; What was really going on?

“It’s the real you!” They said, sodding

I smiled, “Ya, it is!”

Chapter 20: “The worry of losing friends!


   “Wait, even if you do remember, you guys. That doesn’t mean that she remembers Jaden and me?” She says, concerned.

“Oh yes, I do! I can prove it! I say, smirking.

“You are Marine Mér, a mermaid that showed me an underwater kingdom and helped me find my dad,” I say, smiling.

“Help me fight my aunt and let me live in your home(even if you had secrets to tell your parents! Helped me swim with my tail and be the best friend on the planet!” I say, crying as I smile.

“You are Jaden, Thornsea, another one of my best friends! He has always been on my side. Save it many times, and has always been there for me!” I say, hugging him.

I whispered into his ear,” Even if you didn’t tell me that your mom is my aunt. We are still ok!” 

Then I hugged them both, hard.

I turn to see the other jealous.

“You all are my best friends. You idiots!” I say, annoyed.

I stopped hugging them, feeling weird.

They all were brawling right in front of me.

“Stop crying, because then I’m crying too!” I said, contagious to tears.

They smile with a wide-toothy grin.

I cried,” Are you guys ok?” I say, picking up, chewy.

That had been near my leg for a while.

They suddenly all rub, hugging me.

I felt happy but puzzled.

“We all that you would never come back!” Eveno said.

“I thought they were going to burn you alive!” Bailey said.

I could tell that she was still crying.

“Well, I’m here so- don’t you ever worry us to heaven again!” Jaden says, putting his head on my shoulder, crying.

“Ok, I won’t stop making a big deal out of it. I didn’t die!” I say, trying to be positive.

“Promises us!” Aheam said quietly.

“Promises us, what?” I ask.

“Promises us to never do that again!” Merina says, yelling.

“You hear me!” She asks.

“Yes, I will!” I say.

“Now, can we stop with the hugging? I’m going to dye of sweat and heat!” I say sarcastically.

“Yay, they all say, laughing.

I held Jaden on the back with one of my arms. Since he was still healing from the shot.

“Oh,” he said, pausing and looking at me.

“Welcome back to the team, Orlean!” He said with the biggest toothy smile.

 I had never seen him smile this big before!

I smile back, “Thanks!”

To Be Continued……

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