Mermaid Sqaud; The Demi Girl of the Waters.

Mermaid Sqaud; The Demi Girl of the Waters.

                    Mermaid Sqaud; The Demi Girl of the Earth.

The Morning Sun arises, brightening up the sky, with its hue of orange. The breeze sends the morning air flying with no tomorrow. 

The ocean water gently drifts, along with a teenage girl, eyes of a bonfire and hair as a savanna. 

Chapter 1: The Unknown Girl

In a trice, a ship starts to target the girl. But suddenly, a mermaid swiftly swoops in, carrying the girl in her arms; she dodges the shots quickly, getting the girl to safety.

“Ugh, people with plastic. Am I right?” The mermaid says, rolling her eyes. 


The mermaid lays her on a rock for her to breathe.

“I will come for you, ok!” the mermaid said briskly, swimming away.

Then the sailors on the boat quickly got the girl without letting anyone see.

The ship moves across the water, swimming away from the scene.


“Hello,” one of the sailors said,” Yes, and I would like to talk to the dr. piranhas, please!”  

“Ok, then tell him that he needs to go fishing on the Sharks. Asap,” he says, ending the call.


Chapter 2: The Sharks


A small canoe lingers to the boat, along with a man in a lab coat with a small bag. In the pack, there lived; little medications and needles poking out in the openings. 


He comes on board, looking at the captain in concern. 


 “Why did you call me this early? You know, I have some patients to run!” he says, getting something out of the bag.


“We need to have the checkup first, just to see if she is the right girl we’re looking for?” A man in a cowboy hat with bite marks ignores him.


“Here you go; this will make you sleepy for a while.” 


He grabs some other unexpected tools from his bag. 


“All right, let’s check you up.” The Doctor says, putting on his rubber gloves; with a wicked smile. 


The man walks away from the girl with a sinister grin.


“She has the EXACT DNA of king Ronole, even the same mark of the Phoenix on her right hand. She is in perfect shape, with no scratches and no blood. She will be fine. Just let her rest.” The man said.


“Now my payment, Captain Crawford.” 


“You will get it later.” The captains say, beaming.


“Last time, you said that you would pay me later. But I haven’t got my money, ever since then. You will pay or else; I will tell King Megalodon about this.” 


“Ok, here and some extra. Now, go.” Jack says, furious.


“Thank you for your service,” he says, venally, walking away.


“Captain, do you want us to guard her?” two of the sailors say.


“Yes, of course!” He says, taking the wheel. 


“That’s weird, but where are her shoes?”  


“She was wearing a white tank top with a choker, black jeggings, and a blue jean jacket. But, No shoes.” a sailor says.  


“No shoes. They must have fallen off as when the girl floated on the Ocean, right?” One of the soldiers said, giving her a heavy Gray Jacket. 


“Ya, I guess.” the others said, smirking greedily.


Chapter 3: “Wake up, sleepyhead!” Phoenix 


“Wake up, sleepyhead!” Someone was shaking me.


Huh,” I say, waking up, “Where am I?” 


“You are in the Atlantic Ocean; I am the captain of this ship!” 


“The names, Crawford, Captain Crawford,” he said, shaking her hand keenly.


“Ok, Crawford. Could you tell me, Who am I?” I ask, dizzy. 


“Well, we were hoping, You would tell us that,” Crawford said, smiling oddly.


I looked at him in awe, but suddenly, I passed out.


          “Everything is going to be all right.” He smirked, querying.                  


Chapter 4: The Mysterious voice?


“Hello! Wake up!¨ Someone says, yelling at me.


“Ahh!” I scream


“Shhh,” The person says.


“What?” I say, suddenly catching myself.


“Who is it?” I ask, looking in the water.

“Hi,” said the voice. 


“I’m a friend of yours. My name is Marine.”  


“I’m gonna rescue you and tell you, What I know about you.” She said, whispering.


“How can I trust you?” I say, confused but curious, leaning in the water.


    Suddenly, a girl appeared out of the water. She had gorgeous yellowish/green eyes and pretty dark brown hair. 


“Well, I’m the only one that you can trust.” She says, smiling.


“Because, those men over there; they are the ones who are going to use you as bait to take your father; Poseidon power, to “The Evil Lord.” She says, acting scrawny.


 “But right now, your priority is to get out of here. So let’s go before, “the squad” come.” She says quietly.  


“Are you sure?” I say sternly. 


Suddenly, my ears picked up a low mutter;” Now that we have got her on our side. We can use her as bait to take her father, Poseidon, to take his powers way to Lord Piranhas. So, he will get us to the top of the chain.” 


“Ok, so what should I do?” I say, as low but as fast as I can. 


 She grins, “Look in your pocket; there must be a knife.” 


“It will cut the net, so hurry up,” Marine said keenly. 


 “I’m looking for it…” 


“I found it,” I say, grabbing hold of the knife. 


 “Cut it,” She says, shouting, letting the sailors know.


 “I’m doing it,” I say, stressing, “Done!” 


  “Hey!” The captain said as the other soldiers ran towards us.


“Now jump,” Marine replies quickly to me. 


“Jump. In the water.” I say, concerned. 


“But it is cold and…,”


“JUST jump!” She says annoyed


“FINE,” I say, jumping in. A big splash followed me. 


“Now swim with me fast.”

                           Chapter 5: “My Legs”                             


Suddenly, I felt something tingling on my legs, “My Legs.” I say, yelling.


“What is happening to my legs?” 


“Uhhh, Ya.” She says, looking back towards me,” They’re fine. They’re just turning into a mermaid tail.”


“But, this is not the time to explain. So, keep swimming, and soon you will know.” She says, smiling, swimming faster.


 “Ok.” She said briskly


“I was just curious,” I say quietly.


I tried to swim, but my legs couldn’t, which didn’t make it any better. 


“Come on, tail swim; work with me here!” 


Immediately, an object grabs my tail. I hesitantly turned around to see a sailor from the ship.


“I got you now,” The sailor says.


But he looked different. I detected that they were Mermans, like Merina.


I smirked at him,” No, you didn’t,” I said, hitting my tail in his stomach.


“Now, let’s see what these mermaid tails can do!” I say.


“Are you there, Orlean?” She says, turning around, considering.


“Ya, Why would you care?” I say, smirking.


She starts at me, angry, quickly swimming away. 


I laughed hard, “Wait is that my name?” She says pause.

“What name?”

“I-Is Orlean my name?” I say, quickly catching up to marine. 


“Oh, yea I forgot. Yes, it is your name, Orlean.” She says smiling.


Chapter 6: “Have Fun in a Dangerous Situation”


I learned that my legs turned into a tail. 


Quickly, I got the hang of the tail, even faster than the sailors swam.


“What should we do with the other mermaids?” I say. 


“I don’t know.” She said smiling, as she swam.


“Let’s have fun and let them chase us off,” Marine says as she turns around.


“But there are dolphins that are waiting for us in the sunlight zone.”.




“We’ll ride on them since they are faster than us, mermaids.”


“Ok, good idea,” I say, smiling.

“Let’s just have fun in dangerous situations, I guess.”


“Ya, where did you get the quote form?” Marine asked.


“I don’t know?” I say,” I just felt like saying that.” 


She laughed as we quickly swam faster from the sailors. 


Chapter 7: The Unknown past


We swam fast, trying not to get caught by the mermen. 


I turned around to see if the merman was on to us. 


Suddenly, I heard a yelpy voice. I turned around to see a group of dolphins chuckling in their tongue. 


“There,” I say, pointing. 


“Good eye, Orlean.” Marine remarks


“Thanks,” I say, grinning.


We quickly swim faster, getting to the dolphins.


“We need to swim a little more, all right. So hold on tight.” She says.  


“Ok, let go. Aquarius.” I say, as the dolphins quickly swim.


“Aquarius?” Merlin says, confused.


“My new catchphrase!” I say, smiling.


“Ya,” she says, rolling her eyes.


“So are we hiding or swimming? Seeing that the dolphins will get worn out in a few minutes.” I ask. 


“Hmmm, what should we do?” I wonder.


“Is there a place where we can hide? Where only we know.” She says. 


I was confused.


“I mean Orlean, you used to know yourself.” She says, eyeing me. 


“So who was..” 


I soon see the merman’s coming.


So instead, I said,” Where is it?”


“It’s in a water volcano. We made it look like that. So we can only know how to get in or out.”


“Ok,” I tried not to fall off the dolphins. 


“Let’s Go!” We both say.


Chapter 8: The way in or the way out?


“We’re here,” Marine says.


We went off, the dolphins.


“Bye. I hope I see you again.” I say, waving goodbye to them.


“Bye!” She said quickly, “Come on, we don’t have that much time. 


“The mermen are about to come any minute.”


“Let’s go fast, then.” I say, “How are we supposed to get in?”


Marine looked at me, then looked at her legs, blushing.


“Ummm, Well.., we have to sing our way,” Marine says, turning into a cherry. 


I looked at her for a minute, but she kept on looking at her feet.


 “What? What do you mean?” I asked, awed. 


“I mean, that’s the key.” She says, embarrassed. 


“The song is The sea and the earth. They’re always together: without it, we will die.” Marine says, singing.


“Why did you/I do, nm,” I say, concerned.


I took a breath, “Let’s do it already.”


“The sea and the earth…” 


“Without it, we will die.” We finally stopped, and my voice became calm. 


Suddenly, the lava started to move. I thought it was about to burst, but I was relieved that I was wrong. The lava moved sideways; it cleaned the lava, and there was an opened tunnel. 


“Let’s get in and fast.” She said,


“Are you sure?” I say, a bit nervous.


“Ya, now come on,” Marine says as the volcano sucks her in.


I took a deep breath and dived in. 


“Wow,” I said lively as I went to the bottom of the volcano. 


    Chapter 9: A Truth to a Lie


We slowly dropped down to the bottom. Marine quickly walks to the middle of the volcano, I follow.


        “Ok, you see this, then that.” She says, hitting bottom.


“Ya. Is that “the hidden door”?” I ask, curious.


“Yes, and there are many “hidden doors” in here. But we’re going to this one,” she says.


We both perch to the door, opening the latch. 


 We were going in. But suddenly, “Looky here.” Captain Jack says with a toothy grin.


“I thought we would be catching some underwater squid. But instead, we catch two little mermaids, all alone in the Ocean.” 


“You liar,” I say, pointing at him.


“What did you say?” 


“You are… Don’t Orlean.” Marine said, interrupting me.


She grabs my hand and moves me in the direction of the door.


I shook her hand off, saying,” NO. You are a liar and kidnapper of all creatures. You pollute the waters, damage.” 


“You even lied to me.” 


“Well, little girl. That is life. When you have no idea, Who some people are, you can’t trust them.” He says, then looks at the Marine.


“You have no idea who she is? And you trust her.” 


Chapter 10: Good or Bad? Dark or Light? 


“I..” I stop to look at her. 


She looks at me, hesitant.


You have no idea which side is good. I say in my head.   


Everything was silent; the water made it clear to see the whole Ocean, and it had been quiet. I looked at the others.


I had finally made my decision.


I grab her hand, “It is time to get out of here!” I say.


“And if you are wondering, why did I pick her? It is because She is telling the real truth, I can tell!” 


 “Even things are going to be all right,” I say to myself.


“Well, I thought she would persuade you on her side.” He says with an eerie smirk.


 “But, I guess you give me no choice.” He said.


“Make an end to these fish.”


“Open the latch, Orlean!” She says.


The door swung open.


“Go, go, go,” I say, shoving Marine in the door. 


 The door was attached to a tube dropping us down.


“WOW,” I say, smiling.


Chapter 11: The Unknown, Eveno 


Marine takes a weird phone out of nowhere. 


To me, it looks waterproof.


“Immediately close the door, Eveno!” She says.


 The slides were ending. 


And fall on my face to the ruff surface.


Well, then Marine fell safely to the ground. 


She walks away as nothing happened.


“Well, I know there are some mermaids up there.” 


I start to sit up, touching my bloody bruise. 


As I followed Marine, it looked like she knew this place well.


“Well, at least try to keep them busy,” Marine says, opening a kit.


“Here.” She says and hands me a bandage.


“Thanks,” I say, getting the bandage.


“You might need more than one. Here,” Marine says, giving me the whole kit. 


“Go in that room. There’ll be a mirror that could help you see the bandages better.” 


“Ya, it’s Orlean. What do you think? I got another stray dog for us.” Merin says, walking away.


  I laughed.


She reminds me of my mom when she talks to people on the phone.


   “Wait, my mom?” 


Chapter 12: Memories


I get out of the bathroom. 


And the Marine is still talking.


“Come on, let’s go,” She said, walking away.


I quickly follow her.


“What do you think? Orlean rarely listens to commands even from her father.” Marine says.


“Well, at least she is alive.”


She opens a door while saying, “Tell her dad that she is, ok.” She says.


I opened the door, as well.


“Ok, I will see you soon. Do what I said. Bye.” Marine says, turning it off. 


I decided to ask about “The mom thought.”


“Marine,” I say.


She looks at me and says,” Ya.”


“I remember things like; What my mom does when she is on the phone,” I say.


“I mostly remember everything until this memory,” I say. 


She looks at me in awe.


“That, My mom is mad at me about something. DO you remember?” I said to her.


She struggles to find the words.


Until she says,” No, But I know about that memory, in that case, Orlean.


“Really, What is it abo-This is one of your families.” Marine interrupts me.


Chapter 13: “You don’t remember me?”


I open the door to see a boy, at least 13 years old. (Sitting on a wheelchair). With a tine chibi on him.


The creature comes to me and scratches my legs. 


I look at it blankly. 


Then I realized that it was chewy.


“Chewy!” I say, slowly sitting down and hugging as she licky me.


“How do you remember her?” He says. 


“I just do?” I say, picking up my puppy. 


“Who are you?” I ask.


“Oh, I guess you don’t remember me. I am Eveno, Eveno Hawk.” the boy said, shaking my hand.


I looked at him with awe.


“You don’t remember me. I was the one who knew your secret.” He is concerned. 


I still looked at him with awe.


“You and Merlin saved me from my stepmother.”


“Don’t call me, Merlin,” Marine says, frustrated. 


“Nothing?” He says.


“I am afraid so.”


“But you must be important then,” I say.


He was about to cry.


“Are you ok?” I ask, sitting next to him. 


“It’s ok. Eveno will be—Tell her! Tell her about” The Demigod Mermaid.”


I look at him, confused. 


“What does he mean? What is “The Demigod Mermaid.”


Chapter 14: “The Demigod Mermaid” Part 1:


She took a chair and sat next to us, not saying anything. 


And she gives Eveno a tissue box.


“What does he mean?” I ask her.


“Well, since you, Orlean said it’s your story, I am going to have to tell you.” The Demigod Mermaid. “Since every creature in the Ocean knew your story.” She says, stressing out.


“Ok, Sooo?” I say, a bit confused.


“You are half mermaid and human,” Marine says, biting her lip.


“What are you telling the truth or not?” I say, laughing.


“It is not one of your pranks, right?” I say, smiling in concern. 


“No, she is not. That is what I thought when you told me.” Eveno says.


“Your Mom was a regular human. While your Dad was the king of the oceans and seas, that has magic powers.” She says, continuing.


“Anyway, your parents married and had you.”


“But you didn’t know that until you were 10, which was my doing. I accidentally went up to the water. When,” I Was Not Supposed To See the Above of The World.” Marine says, laughing.


“And, then I saw you, on rock-throwing pebbles in the water.”


“I tried to hide. But you looked kind, and I could tell that your heart was pure.”


“And since that day, we were BFFs.” She says, smiling, then frowning.


“I told you what it is like underwater. And you told me what it was like on land and other amazing things.”


“We decided to meet every night on Friday. Is what you called that day.” Marine says.


“Soon.., Your mom learns that you are talking to me and decides to tell you.” 


Chapter 15: “The Demigod Mermaid” Part 2:


“You wanted to ask your mother to see your father in real life. So, you ask her if you can meet him today.” Marine says.  


“Your mother had agreed to it since you never saw your father. Only when you were born, other than that, not at all.”


“So you and I went to the depths of the Ocean to the Castle. At that time, your Dad, sister, or your aunt, Aurora.”


“She had gotten out of jail cell and was going to take control of the ocean, or worse soon the world.” She said, being emotional.


“We went there and saw what had happened.

So we made a plan that somehow worked out.” Marine says, smiling and laughing. 


“We helped the others to put your aunt back in her place, helped clean what she had destroyed, like houses and other buildings. Which took us about; 4-6 days to help and clean.”


Chapter 16: “The Demigod Mermaid” Part 3:


“So we stayed at my mother’s house. At that time, we didn’t have this headquarters.” Marine says, getting a donut out of nowhere.


“That time, my mom had learned my secret; that I had come to land and about you too. So, I thought it would be a bit concerning at first.” She says, speaking with her mouth full.


“Stop eating already! You are going to get Fat.” 


“Tell her the story. It’s almost finished.” Eveno says, getting the donut out of her mouth and starting eating it for himself.


“Soo, you can eat the donut. But I can’t eat the donut?” Marine says, frustrated. 


“Yess. I mean, you will get Fat.” He says.


Soon there was silence. 


I dozed off a bit. It took me a while, but soon I realized what Eveno said and started laughing.


But, she was silent and stayed in an awkward pose.


“I don’t get it?” She says, confused.


“Wait, you don’t know anything about weight, fat, or any words like that,” Eveno asked, astonished.


“No, Never heard of them. And if I did, I never knew what it meant.  


“You never told her!!” He said, looking at me.


“It is not my fault, and You didn’t tell her Either, Eveno.”


“It’s a human joke, really for you, I guess. When you live on land, there is this word called–Overeating. It’s when you overeat food, when umm, something happens to your body. That makes you fat or makes you grow right-left, not in height.” I say, trying to example.


“It doesn’t happen on the sea because there aren’t any calories in the water. You can only grow up down.” 


“Ohhh, I get it.” She says, laughing too.


We all laughed for a moment. It felt like the old days.


And somehow, I remember everything, but there was still more fog deep down in my head.


“No, time for dilly dally. Finish it up already.” I say, talking, as I take the donut.


“Wait, first, how did you know ocean food doesn’t have any calories that can make you fat?” Marine asked 


“I remember what you told me, Once. Anyway, tell me the Story, Already!” 


“Ok. Anyway, soon your father gets the news that “His Baby Girl” was here in the Ocean.” She says, rolling her eyes.  


“So he invited us to come to this house/castle.” 


We both agreed and went to the Castle. It had been Both of are,” First Times Coming into the Castle Rooms.”


“A Servant of The Kings escorted us to your Dad. Where he was sitting on his bed, reading the water cast.” Marine said.


“What is a water cast?” I ask her curiously.


“Ohh, well, you know you have newscasts like ABC news,” she said.


“Ok, So you mean that is one part of the news?” 


“Ya, But get it, water cast.” She said, laughing.


“Ya, but I need to know what happens next,” I say stubbornly.


                “Ok, ok. Anyway,” I said to get the king’s attention.


                **(Orlean’s imagination)**

              “Hello, you called us to come here.”


“Oh yes, you are Orlean and her friend, right. The one who helped capture my sister.” He says, concerned.


“Yes, your majesty,” I said, bowing down.


“What are you doing?” Merlin said, mumbling to me.


“I am bowing to the King of the Sea. Duh,” I said.


“Just forget it, just don’t embarrass us in front of your father,” I said, staring at her with her eyes crossed.


“Girls, please. Pretend that I am an old friend of yours.” her father said. 


“Ok, tell me to get the question over with; why did you send us here?” I said to my father.


She hit me to the arm.


“Oww, What was that for?” I ask, crossing my arms at Marine.


“So, that’s what your mother above taught you!” He says, laughing.


“So what! You didn’t even think of seeing me at all when I was born. Yay, thanks, Pops.” I was frustrated.


He takes a deep breath, “It’s not what I mean. You sound a lot like your mother.”


“Anyway, thank you for helping other mermaids and keeping your aunt in jail,” he says, smiling.

         ***(Marine perspective)*** 

“He wanted us to be the land/sea gardens. That will stop other enemies on the earth and the Ocean,” she says out of breath.


“So that is it?” I ask.


“Well, that is all, I know.” 


“And, I think you know the rest.” She says, smiling.


“Can you remember anything?” Eveno asks, curious.


“Ya, and with the info shared by Marlin. I can remember everything else.” I say.


“Like when we had to rescue Eveno from his stepmother,” I say, smiling.


“Really. So does that mean you remember me?” He says.


“Yeah,” I say, smiling.


I could see some emotions from him.


“Ok, don’t call me, marline again, and it is time to get to business.” She said,




“Let’s go, Earth Guardians.” We all say, putting our hands together.

To Be Continued…

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