“The Girl From The Inner Planet: How One Woman’s Journey To Another World Changed Her Forever”

“The Girl From The Inner Planet: How One Woman’s Journey To Another World Changed Her Forever”

   I slowly open my eyes as a gleam of sunshine directs into them.

It’s too bright; I blocked my eyes from daylight.

“Is it really morning? “I said, whining, gradually rising from my mattress.

I glimpsed at the widow’s light again,

“Ugh, that hurts,” I said, quickly covering my eyes again.

Chapter 1: My life as a princess,

     I rubbed my eyes, adjusting to the rays of light.

Glimpsing at my room, a stunning Princess room with a princess pea-like bed, nightstands, a small table shuffled to the side with an organized shuffle of papers and a furry pink rug.

And in front of me was a door, drawer, and mirror above it, on the wall. 

I walked to my widows, slowly losing my sense of mind.

I was next to the widow, looking at the same view ever since I was a child.

You think this is life as a Princess in an enchanting world.

Well, it’s not what you think! 

You see, there are numerous things that you will have to encounter as a teen Princess inside of another world.

Since I was young, others have told me a few things:

My father, Lopeno Hawk, was the ruler of the inner planet.

So along with my brother and me, we had moved into the inner core; for a reason. 

We hadn’t been aren’t “entitled to understand”.

It is stupid that I had four strict rules on my door; that I had to follow:

  1. Not Qualified to go anywhere out of the room: without supervision.
  2. I am prohibited from meeting anyone unknowingly: without a particular reason. 
  3. When other beings are inside the home: I remain in my room.
  4. I am not authorized; inside any room unfamiliar to me.

Chapter 2: The day father died,

   We had soon gotten used to the inner core. However, shortly, my dad died from working under stress.

(So, I did not need to follow the rules anymore)

Nevertheless, it was a horrible tragedy.

So my brother had to become a king on march 10(when he was sixteen).

He was thrilled about this opportunity, and I was delighted for him to be a king.

Chapter 3: Brother as king and you still princess,

**(The coronation)**

   After the coronation, my brother gradually guided the work of being the king. (Even when young, he knew how to become a king.)

We were still living in the same place and having small chats now and then.

But his work continued, working late, speaking to others about the kingdom’s finances, what to change, and other king’s stuff. 

So I let him be instead, going shopping for groceries(if my maids let me do it) and shopping for clothing, writing, and trolling during the day and night breaks.

I started a lady’s and men’s cloth shop called fashion super prem. We also began donating clothing and other items to orphans and poor people. It’s fun, yet happy to see people getting new, pretty dresses and see others buying new styles they like.

But these made me feel like I have accomplished something reasonable in my life, as my brother does as king.

                           **(3 years after)**

My brother got used to the king’s work and began doing tons of banquets(he made me attend). He said, “He is trying to get into society more and for me too.” 

But I think he wants to have a girlfriend. But he doesn’t want to tell me(even at thirty, everyone talks about it.)

Chapter 4: the birthday without the birthday boy, 

                **(2 years later)**

   Today was his birthday, So I left my room to go to the dining table, took out the cake from the kitchen, opening it from a closed container. 

It was a blue, a bit whitish marvel cake with a triple-tier cake. It had chocolate dripping on the sides of the cake. 

The cake had exotic fruits, sweets, and shards of chocolate on the top and in the middle of the cakes. 

The flavors were mango and rap blue(a blueberry and a raspberry mixed fruit), and an outburst of sweets and candies when cut into it.

I had prepared to create this cake with the looks and the flavor(four weeks back). 

After that, I tried finding the delicious mango and rap-blue cake and tried to find the best fruit, sweets, and chocolate to put on them.

This cake had taken me a week to find, make, and taste. 

The week after, I began to get the other cake ingredients.

It took about half the week to make a cake perfect in 10 tries and get a perfect one on the 11th.

I was pleased with the results and wanted her brother to have the best cake.

But it turned out that he didn’t want my effort later on.

When I went to my brother’s room, I was going to surprise him. 

But he wasn’t there,

Chapter 5: the birthday planning went to the wife, 

   I asked the maids where my brother had been. 

They said he had moved out of the mansion.

I was astounded to hear the news. 

So I asked the chauffeur to bring me to him right away.

But, instead of seeing him with a pathic look on his face. 

He was thrilled to see me instead of seeing his pathetic face.

He informed me that he had moved into another mansion since he asked a woman to marry him. 

He hadn’t told me, he has gotten married and would move into another mansion on his birthday!

I was shocked, scared, sad, and angry, Why did he not tell me all of this? 

I was going to ask, but he had dismissed me before I could even ask. 

But my brother had to leave to go to a meeting. 

So I left, offering him the cake I had made.

                   **(a mouth after)**

Chapter 6: Why do people leave me?

   My brother had a banquet, and he invited me there.

I thought it was no harm and desired to see who that woman was(that took my brother away from me).

She was a pretty young lady with purple hair and light purple eyes. 

She was a gentle and decent woman with a royal lady’s voice. 

But she was a meddler in others’ lives and gusupt a lot with the lady.


I returned to the “mansion” whenever the king moved into another house, the “new place.” 

Since wherever the king lived was the place.

I was too tired and annoyed even to care if he had left. 

I went to my room and shut my door. 

I didn’t want to bother anyone to bother me today.

I slid the curtains off, went into my bed, and put in my blanks.

I looked at the top of my room.

I smiled; turned to the side,”Good night, Mom and Dad!” I said, closing my eyes.


“Mom, are you okay?” I asked as I ran into the hospital room.

“Darling,” My father said, hugging me as he picked me up.”What are you doing here?” 

Are maid came in with my brother, “She and little master wanted to come to see their mother, sir.” She said. 

“Father,” my brother said, running to my father.

“Woah, you are going strong,” He said, smiling.  

My mom smiled, “Yes, you are,” 

“Mommy,” I said but stopped in horror at her said.

But she still smiled, “Coming, her sweety,” She said, letting out her hands. “It’s okay, come here.” 

I went to her and hugged her tight, crying.

“You’re not leaving, right, mommy?” I ask her.

“What do you mean, princess?” My father said.

“Doctors said that she might die.” My brother said, frowning.

My mom smiled,” I won’t die. I will always be with you. And-” She said, taking out two boxes from the stands inside the bed.

“Here,” She said, giving them.

“What is this, mommy?” We asked mom.

“These are extraordinary presents. Open them!” She said.

We opened them; I got a bracelet with pretty charms, and my brother got a sword.

“Wow, I love it!” I said, hugging mom again.

“This is what I have worn every day since I was your age. It was from my parents. So keep it safe.” She said.

“And this?” My brother asked.

“I got it; when I was young, and I used to play with it.” My father said.

“Cool,” He said, waving around.

“Thank you so much,” We said, hugging our parents. 

                          **(an hour later)**

“Mommy, Mommy, don’t die, please!” I said, crying, hugging my father as my brother did too.

“Don’t-my lady wake up!” 

I woke up, seeing my maid in my room.

The same maid that was with us before we lived here.

Since she didn’t have any family, I thought of her as family. She came here, and I always thought of her as my mother.

“Are you alright-you haven’t taken off your outside clothes, lady. Are you okay?” She said, worried.

I smiled and hugged her, crying.

“Are you okay, lady?” 

“I don’t want anyone to leave,” I sobbed.

“I want everyone to stay here.” 

“I know he has worked, and I tried to do other things with the clothing shop and all.” 

“But why did he tell me about his wife and moving,” I said, annoyed.

Why did my brother leave me alone!” I say, crying again. 

“It’s okay. You will be all right. We have us.” She said, patting me on the back.

Chapter 7: Who was the woman who took my brother from me?

                              **(a day later)**

   Today, after the banquet, she invited me to come to her house,

 When I came to her place, we were always talked about marriage, my lonely life, and my weird schedule or activities.

(Even if she didn’t know much about my business and charity work.)

Then a male made came(was about to tell my brother was cheating), but she explained why she asked him to come to our meeting to introduce me.

I could already see that this was not good.( perfect for my successor.)

She explain, that he was a duke with mount of money and loving going out.

He was once divorced, so he is now single.

Then she had to leave to go to the bathroom.

This was despicable and I didn’t even talk, he did all the talking.

It’s was like a theater playing as he kept on blabbering about himself, his life, etc.

And when she came he finally stops talking, she starts talking saying she that, we were good for each other.

What a witch!

Which I would despise, soon started she would drive us to go on a date or be together at her parties.

That is why I precisely did not arrive at most banquets.

But since she has a baby boy name Eliza.

She mainly took care of herself, the household, and the baby.

But, still didn’t stop annoying me.

Chapter 8: Pretty to Evil

**(a year later)** 

   A year ago, an unidentified creature arrived in the inner realm, wearing questionable clothing(making him be recognized and taken to jail quickly).

This creature has made my brother busier than before. 

He was not letting me talk to him much, even to his wife and kid.

**(This year)**

But I decided to escape on the day of my birthday. Since I was going to be married to a rich man(whom my dad want me to marry).

But my brother decided to go along with him since he was a rich man that would help have someone close, to help the kingdom if needed, and “since I was lonely”.

I didn’t know about this until his wife told me about it a week after my birthday.

Since I have seen him, way too many times. Since he was the guy, my sister-in-law wanted me to marry. That I know he is a stupid, rich, snotty man.

He is a brown-haired man with green eyes and a bit fat from the amount of food he eats. Other than his looks, he had a wife, but they were divorced.

So I got more information from her: that he is a lazy log that works, sleep, and always makes the wife make food. But he had a lot of issues like she wasn’t allowed to go outside with permission(only for his work parties), have a job, and does everything inside(Make sense why she got a divorce).

So I decided to send him a letter to my brother, the king to talk together.

But he didn’t respond to my letter that, on June 8, I asked my chauffeur to get the wagon to go to my brother’s place.

I changed into a baby, light purple dress with a cut in the middle. It had puffy sleeves and a silver belt in a flower pattered that matched the crown, I was wearing.

I put my hair in a bun, “Today, you are going to show power.” 

When I went into the wagon into what was unexpected.

 There were bodyguards at the front door(he would never let the bodyguards in front of their front door unless of having parties). And two, they asked my name and my doing in the place, but most of them knew me from when young(by babysitting me). 

So it must have been that they were having a party or banquet, and didn’t invite me(good grief). I still was going to go inside, so I made up an excuse and went my way. 

But there was no party, it was a quiet, I went into his study to see more bodyguards blocking his door.

They told me, the king, said,”Not to let anyone distarded him,” 

So, I wait for him, until a got frustered that I attacked the bodygaurds making them unconsuous. 

Chapter 9: I am a pawn and no longer needed,

    You see, my buissiness, I also help others to be like a lady-like. That one coworker named, Nelista(soon to be friends) want to pay me with fighting lessions(since most know that rouals don’t know that).

So I made the deals, that in the morning, I would learn how to fight. In the afternoon, I would teach her how to learn be a lady.

And in three mouth, I mastered comdate and she lerned how to be a true lady.

But we still talk to each other, now and then.

I suddenly openned the door to see my brother being pinned down by his subject(a man). I ran up to them, the guy stood up, as I took the guy shoulders pulling him down to the floor as he fell down.

The bodygaurd took them him as he kept on saying,”He tried to kill me first. I just used combate.” 

I didn’t listen to him, turning o my brother(that was still on the floor).

I holded out my hand, as he stood up.

But instead of thanking me, he pulled me to his  desk, asking his bodygaurs to leave and take the man out.

I stood there, confused.

“Why, how did you learn how to fight? Why would you do the blistic on the gards, almost break my door and takeout a man-What, what is wrong with you?” He said, yellling.

“What is wrong with me? I saved your life without it, you would have been killed!” I said, shouting.

“But,” I said, sighing,”That is not the point, I am not going to marry the rich man!” I said, shouting.

“You mean, Duke Senan, he will help the kingdom as ilieies. You want to help this kindom, right?” He asked,

Silents came throught the room.

“Well, what is it?” He said, yelling,”Oh, come on sister, it’s just a simple question.”

“No, I don’t want to marry I man I don’t love. You got to marry a women you loved, so why can’t I. By the way, I am fine without a husband.” I said,

He sighed, a long deep sight,”I guess, I will have to take you money away in order for you to-I don’t care, I have my own saving form the bussiness, make store and the parler, I have made! That have made me good enough money.” I said, interrupting.

“You have WHAT! You have gone mad, princess never, never work. Have you yold this to anyone, Ansetana.” He said, calling his wife.

“What do you mean I have gone mad, I have just made myself some-Yes, husband,” She said, interrupting me.

“Did she ever told me that she made a buniess, make up store or a parler?” He said, her.

“No, she has never-Why would I every tell her anything. You think we are just friends, passing eachother thing. I don’t even know this women or them you abandon me for her.” I said, interring my sister-in-law.

My teirs, angry all rose form me as I fulled with rage and sadness.

“I did what I had to do and,” He stopped before saying somthing, looking at his wife,”You may go now, Ansetana,” H esaid, as she left the room.

He looked back at me again,”You are died to me. I have a loviling wife that would do anything for me and a son for the next genoration.” He said, smirking as he rose up form his chair.

He slow walk up to me,”You were a pawn in the first place, so stay like one. And if anyone know of what I have said, I will killl you.” He said.

I stood their frozen, looking down at the floor,”I was used for,” I said.

“Yes, now gaurds, come a take the princess outside, we won’t be seeing her until next week, when the wedding starts.” He said, pushing me to the door, as the gaurds took me.

Chapter 10:


    June 10, my marriage begin, I and the duke, Senan welcoming are guests(which duke, my brother and my sister-law-in picked). But, diecd not to even ask about my guests, so I secreatly added my best friend(the clinet that offers to teach me to fight) was Deltz, Deltz Thomus, her husdand and child . 

She would help me get out of this marriage and out of the inner planet to see the outside of this planet(maybe it was the way, my brother and I came into this crust in the first place).

“Hi Deltz,” I said, hugging my friend.

“Are you ready with the plan.” I asked her.

“Yes,  make a seen to make you run.”

“Good, but no now, at the ring celeamairy. Also when I leave make an excuse of going to the bathroom after me.”  I said, stopped hugging her, and shaked her hand.

“Aright, then,” She said, smirking.

I knew I could count on her.

Then my brother and the duke came to us, sundenly,”Hello, my king and my duke, may do be with you.” Deltz said, curseing to them.

“Who are you?” my brother asked,”I nor my wife or the duke has invited you here.’ He said, in a rude tone.

“Oh, but, the princess of Clastena(the kingdom is called) invited me here, my king.” She said.

“You may go now, Deltz. Have a wonderful time and I hope you enjoy yourself.” I said, to her as she left.

“WHO IS SHE, MY WIFE!” Senan said, wishpered, so loundly my brother could her.

“I would like to know that my self,” My brother said, over hearing.

“She is my best friend, so I invited her. Her husband and children will come soon, her kids are soo adorable.”


My brother touched him on the shoulder, “Let’s be cival now.” He said, sighing,”We can’t stop them now, since she is here.”

“Looks like we are going to let her stay. We have no chose.” My brother said, leaving me to his wife.

“If you don’t mind, hus-band, I need to take some rest. I have a quite a headache know.” I said, walking away.

It’s time!

Chapter 11:

   It’s time!

I went to my room, my sister-in-law made for me.

I went into the closet to talking out a body gaurd costume, starting to wear it.

“knok, knock,”

I put on my hat, hiding my long hair as I opened the door to see Deltz.

I smiled, quickly letting her in.

“Here is the fake mask and hair extentions.” I said, giving it to her.

“Ok,” She said, putting them on.

“And thanks for doing this for me.” I said.

“Don’t thank me, that is what best friends do!” She said, patting my shoulder,smiling,”Now, how do I look?”

I smiled,”Like twins,” I said, as we laughed.

I opened the door as she sat on chair,”I will be going now. I promise-go, go it’s alright, I can handle this.” She said, waving to me as I waved to her back.

Ismiled, losing the door, I went to the door were the my brothers subject was. There was a bunch of gards that was garding the door.

How this can get any worse!

I walked infront of the door,”The king has asked me to take the prisoner.” I said, suluting the man.

The main kight, Willous(I have seen often) sutiling me back. I pulled my hat down as he spoke, “And why did he wanted to take the prisoner, when it their is a wedding being held.”

Oh on, that is true.

“I mean take the prisoner food.” I said, “The duke, though food would narish him. It cause pain that makes that want to take faster.”

I said, showing him the food(form the wedding).

“Alright,” He said, letting the others open the door.

I went inside as close the door behind me.

I look to see werid parts of creatures, experaments, then a perision cell in the cornter.

“Hello” I said, walking to the perision cell.

Suddenly something rapedly came form the perision cell.

” Ahhh,” I said, it almost gave me a heart attack.

Chapter 12:

“Hello, soory I scared you,” The man in the perision cell said.

“Hi, look, I don’t have much time. They are already suspectine me any minate. ” I said, looking around,”I will come again and we will go out of here togetger to your world.” I said.

“What?” He looked confused,”You’re going to help me GET OUT, to got to me MY WORLD? He said, looking confused.

“Yes, but not now,” I said, gave him the food.

He eat merselessly,”I havn’t had food for-so long and this is good.” He said, stuffing food in his mouth.

I laughed,”Gueez, you will choke,” I said.

“But why are you helping me,” He siad, muttered.

“I have my own reasions, but don’t you want to go to your family or friends.” I asked.

“Well, I want go to my girlfriend,” he said, I stayed thier, confused.

“If that is what they call your family or friends cool.” I said.

“No, it’s like a couple and no family.”

“Oh, good luck. I’m triying to get out of a marriage myself.” I said.

“No it’s not like that for us, we get to pick like-true love.” I said, interrupting him.

he smiled,”Ya, this place reminds me of are old times inmy world.”

“What do you mean? ‘ I said, cursious.

“It was once like nobles, kings, made marraiges and what no. But it was modernize now.”

“Modernize?” I asked.

“It changed and now, we have more true love marriages and couples.” He said.

“Interesting, now you have to look sick, here.” I said.

“Here, eat this and look like your sick. But if you really can’t tell what my brother wants then don’t.” I said.

He ate it, “That dude that is called the king, is your brother. He is so messed up and desperatly wants the way.” He said, looking sick.

“That becuase, we onced lived in your world. Well, he thinks, until we came here. But only are father knew and he never told us.” I said, smiling,” Now, act sick, ok.” I said, slowly putting a crystal near the cell.

“Don’t say someone came,” I said, walking out of the room.

I quickly saulting the kignt and leaving immendanly.

**(2 hours later)**

We changed, thankfully, we didn’t get caught.

Now was when the ring celeamony came and everthing was set.

I was done with my dress and were flower girls(most of his his families grand childern) putiing on thier show.

I squawed birds called, telling Deltz to make a seen!

 I hope she got it.

“Come on, please tell me-Ahh, I’m peregent! I need help please.” I hear someone yelling.

I smiled, running back to my room, I riped finishing a crystal in my bag.

You see, the crystal I put in his cell was a teleaporting crustal. 

With the two crystal close, they can send me to the cell without going form the door.

“Eleperaznis,” I said, as I transporting to the lad.

“Hi,” I said to the man in the cell.

“Ahh,” He said, scaried.

Then he saw me, and camed down.

“Oh, it’s you, are you taking me this time?”

“Yes sir, just wait for a monite” I said, talking out my bag.

Unlike my brother knew, when I had my free time, I use to terker with machies.

I opening the lock as he came out.

“Hey, you an call me, Nero.” He said.

“Nero, ok then, nero, show me your hands, so I can open these changes.” I said, quickly opening them.

“Let’s go, it’s thier guys launch break.” I said.

Chapter 14:

I slowly opened the widow, I secured the rope to the doorknob,

Swiftly, a mysterious object plunged into my shoulder: flinching to glimpse a black-gray hair man.

“Gosh, you shouldn’t scare others.”

”Oh soory,” He says, chuckling silently.

I rolled my eyes, glimpsing at the window, ”So, it is time to go,”

I took a whiff of air and jumped off the window, snatching my bag. I gripped onto the rope tightly; as I slid down.

The rope cindered my hand burning, but it was worth it. Rather than jumping onto the ground, I fell onto the surface instead.

”Ow,” I said, standing up, yelling, ”Go on.”

”RING, RING, RING…” The voice alarm started!

“When did my brother instal this in the first place.” I said, confused.

“Who cares we have to go!” Nero said, starts to side down; I swiftly take my bag.

Shortly, he briskly follows me,”Seriously, do we have to go this fast” He says, enraged.

I darted at the green lush of nature, ”Yes, we have to since we started the alarm. Let’s go!” I say, gloomy.

**( an 6 minates later)***

“It’s here,” He said, pointing to the whole.

I oppened my bag, to a flawless cart, designed to be more closed in and powerful.

You see, when we were talking he needede something to get through the whole,. Since we were going throught the connes. So when I gave him the stiff he made this and I too it with me when we were going to the widow.

“Ok, I am ready,” I say, beaming.

I looked back at our house.

“Bye, old and stuipid house,” I say; as we enter the cart.

**(2 minutes later)**

We moved into the hole. It quickly picked up a bit of acceleration.

We went through all the cores; the outer core was denser and more fluid than the inner core. 

Mantle made of liquid; I had never seen before, slowly moving up and down into a cycle of liquid. 

“Good thing, I got a camera,” I say, taking a photo.

But soon, I fell asleep.

 **(1 hour later)**

”Hello,” A voice says, shaking me.

”Uhh,” I say, waking up.

”Are you guys ok?” The girl asks.

”Wow,” I say.

I stood up, ignoring her,” So this is what Modernize lookes like!”

”It’s not like that. but you will get it soon,” Nero says, replying.

”This is just like the inner core,” I say, grinning as the breeze embraces me with a soft blow. I look at all the houses and other larger objects.

”But vast and noisier!” He says, laughing as she started talking to the girl.

They looked close, so I didn’t bother them and looked around.

Then I hear a strange object moving and creating odd sounds.

”But, there are no strange objects like these,” I say, turning around grading the entity as it struggles to escape.

I giggling

”That´s a cat.” She turned back to mesays.

”Fascinating, C-a-t.” I say, spelling it out.

”Are those things biologically real,” Nero says, smiling.

”Ya, I mean, I think so, they are creatures called animals.” She said.

”A-n-i-m-a-l-s, that is even cooler!” I said, smiling

”A lot are living around here!” she said, smiling.

”Wait, what is the cat’s name?”

”Princess,” She says.

”Cool, here!” I say, giving the cat-like-creature. It starts to get silent; as the breezes carry over the talking.

”Oh, we never introduce ourselves.” The girl said, stood up, ”” My name is Alana, Alana Marcelline. Born in New Jersey. Nero’s girlfriend-he told me and I’m not into him or anything. So you don’t have to worry.” I said, interrupting.

“Oh, good, then.” She said, smiling.

“When I was captured by her brother, and she wasgetting me out and called me sir. I felt werid, so I told her my name.” She said, explaining it to her.”

“Where where you born” She asked,

”Uhh, well, we were born in here I think.” I said, standing up.

”Then how did you-long story short. My father had to became king of  the inner planet.” I said, interrupting her.

I looked at her; she was smiling.

I wonder why.

”That is so cool. I never thought people could live in the inner core!”

”Ya,” I say, grinning.

”Wait, if you are from the inner core. Does that mean you have no place to go? You are homeless?” She says, concerned.

”What is homeless?” I sasked.

“You have no home.” Nero translated for me.

”Oh, then ya!” I said, embairshed.

Well, it is getting late. Do you guys want to stay with us?” He says.

”No, it’s fine I can-not you saved me once. You can stay there I can return the favor.” He said, trying to convise me.

I smiled, “Ok then,”

“Oh let’s go,” he said, taking my bag.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Hey,” Nero said,” You never told me your name.”  he said.

“It’s Abilene Hawk,”I said, grinning.

They smiled back,”That’s a great name.” They said.

We took our bags and started walking to their house.

Somehow, I think I will have a good time living in the relm.

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