The girl from the inner planet!

The girl from the inner planet!

When I was a child, others told me; a few things.


My father, Lopeno Hawk, was the ruler of the inner planet.


 I was a castaway in the inner core; for a reason. 

That, I am not entitled to understand. 


With four strict rules on my door; that I had to obey:

  • Not Qualified to go anywhere out of the room: without supervision.
  • I am prohibited from meeting anyone unknowingly: without a particular reason. 
  • When other beings are inside the home: I remain in my room.
  • I am not authorized; inside any room unfamiliar to me.


 **(a day after)**


 Today, I was about to turn 13. 


       That was it.


I had enough of these rules; they manipulated me into staying isolated for my entire immortal life! 


And today, if dad could ́t drop those rules: I and lance were going to run away for good.


From this monstrous core to the crust; The most delightful place in eternity.


We already have everything planned for our escape, but we require a lack of doing so!


 **(1 hour later)**


My dad did not drop the rules.


So it was time to stick to the plan. 


 **(12 hours later)**


I briskly wandered out of the hall.


I secured the rope to my doorknob.


Swiftly, a mysterious object plunged into my shoulder: flinching to glimpse a black-gray hair with bubblegum pink eye boy.


It is Liam, accomplishing his day-to-day pranks.


I roll my eyes.


”Idiot,” I say, looking away.


”Come on, that was funny!” He said, giggling.


”Did you get your bag,” I say, wondering?


”Yay, so?” He says, chuckling silently.


I rolled my eyes, glimpsing at the window, ”So, it is time to go,”


The laughing stopped; instead, Liam made clear eye contact.


I paced to the window.


I took a whiff of air and jumped off the window, snatching my bag. I gripped onto the rope tightly; as I slid down. 


The rope cindered my hand burning, but it was worth it. Rather than jumping onto the ground, I fell onto the solid instead.


”Ow,” I said, standing up, yelling, ”Go on. 


”Oh no,”


”RING, RING, RING…” The voice alarm woke up!


My brother starts to side down; I swiftly take my bag. Shortly, he briskly follows me with his bag, ”Seriously,” He says, enraged.


I dart at the green lush of nature, ”Gets go!” I say, gloomy. 




This hole is the tunnel to the cores of the planet. Driving through the hole; will direct lead you to the opportunity of being crusted or boiled.


I had discovered this when; I was nine years old. That day I furtively went outdoors; I also broke my first rule.


Then, founding this.




”Hello, Sis! I do not want you to rush, I mean is; if you do not want us to get busted by our dad. Then open your bag fast!”


”Oh ya,” I say, spacing out.


 I zipped open my bag.


I grinned at the flawless cart, designed to be more closed in and powerful. I made this after; I learned about the hole in the center of this planet, I tested it to see if it works. 


(My test subject was Liam.) 


It is indestructible to the cores. 

I even checked it. 


Using Fire and other chemicals found here. Most chemicals here are indestructible.


This will make us live through the inner core-crust; where were going!


“Ok, I am ready,” I say, beaming.


I looked back at our house.


“Bye, old and strict house,” I say; as we into the cart. 


**(2 minutes later)**


We moved into the hole. It quickly picked up, a bit of acceleration.


We went through all the cores; the outer core was denser and more fluid than the inner core. 


Mantle made of liquid; I had never seen before, slowly moving up and down into a cycle of liquid. 

“Good thing, I got a camera,” I say, taking a photo.


But soon, I fell asleep.


 **(1 hour later)**


”Hello,” A voice says, shaking me.


”Uhh,” I say, waking up.


”Are you guys ok?” The girl asks.


”Wow,” I say.


I stood up, ignoring her. 


”Ya, we are,” My brother says, replying.


”This is just like the inner core,” I say, grinning as the breeze embraces me with a soft blow. I look at all the houses and other larger objects.


”But vast and noisier!” He says, in awe.


Then I hear a strange object moving and creating odd sounds.


”But, there are no strange objects like these,” I say, turning around grading the entity as it struggles to escape. I giggle.


”That´s a cat.” She says.


”Fascinating, C-a-t.” I say, spelling it out. 


”Are those things biologically real,” My brother says.


”Ya, I mean, I think so; they are creatures called animals.”


”A-n-i-m-a-l-s, that is even cooler!”


”A lot are living around here!”


”This is fascinating; let me see this c-a-t!”


”Wait, Liam! What is the cat´s name?” 


”Princess,” She says.


”Cool, here!” I say, giving the cat-like-creature. It starts to get silent; as the breezes carry over the talking.


”Oh, we never introduce ourselves.” I stand up, ”My name is Abeline, Abeline Hawk!” I say.


I looked at Liam with pity, ”This is my brother, Daichi, Daichi Hawk.”


”Hi,” He says, blushing. I smacked him.


”Oww, What was that for?” He says, rudding his soar cheek. 


”You know what,” I say, yelling at him.


She starts to laugh hard.


I smiled, ”You have siblings?”


She stops laughing, saying, ”Ya, one, she older than me though!”


Good, she understands me. I am not weird to hit my brother.


”Well, then I would love to meet her!”


I hit him in the stomach.


”Ok, enough already.” He says, getting the memo.


I turn to her, ”Does she ever annoy you or embarrass you?”


”Ya, but I am used to it!”


”Oh,” I say, shocked.


”Bu-But, I am ok with it,” She says smiling,” My name is Alana, Alana Marcelline. Born in New Jersey.” She says, grinning, ”Where are you two born?”


”Uhh, well, we were born in the inner core!”


She looked at us in puzzled, ”Are you telling the truth?”


”Through my blood and tear, she is telling the truth!” He says in old poetry.


I looked at her; she was smiling.


I wonder why.


”That is so cool. I never thought people could live in the inner core!”


”Ya,” I say, grinning.


”Wait, if you are from the inner core. Does that mean you guys have no place to go? You guys are loners?” She says, concerned. 


”Ya, we are,” I say shyly. 


”No, we aren´t loners!” He says, angry.


”Well, it is getting late. Do you guys want to stay at my house?” She says.


 ”Yay, I would love to! Yay, I guess,” We both said.


 We took our bags and started walking to her house. 

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