the Ocean Goddess

the Ocean Goddess

“For what we lost (like a you and a me) It’s is always ourselves find in the sea.”-

Chapter 1: Fulfilled Memories.  

I started to wake up.  

“hUUUuuh” I said yuaning.  


I go to look at my window.  

It was like the ocean was calling me. “Oceana, Oceana”  

I quickly went to my calendar to see what day it was. 

“May 1, 2019.” I say going to my dad’s room.  

“Can I go to the beach? ” I ask him.  

Yes, you can.” 

“Yay,” I say, getting ready.  

****A dream**** 

Chapter 2: “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” 

I wake up from my dream and see the ocean.  

The ocean is a beautiful place.  

It is the one thing that helped me from moving on.  

Like when my father died.  

He was the only parent I knew, because my parents divorced when I was born.  

So my dad took me and when my sister was born, my mother kept her.  

I don’t know where my mom and my sister were?  Or, if they are alive.  

But they are somewhere else now.  

Chapter 3: The Ocean Demons

I am one of the people that are still living.  

Because of the ocean demons.  

They are these creatures that come out of the ocean and snatch people.  

We don’t really know why. 

But they just do.  

So, that is why. I don’t really go to the ocean. 

But, now I think that it won’t be so bad.  

That we can go now.  

Because they come in the night.

And it is right now, morning. 

I decided to go for a swim.

“Mahana, I am going for a swim.” I said to my friend,

“Ok, but are you wearing?,” She asked me. 

”We don’t really have swimming suits anymore. Or ones that fit.” 

“I will get something for both of us.”  

“How much do we have?” I ask.  

“1000$,” she said. 

We combined my father and her dad’s money.  

“Ok, then let’s go get clothes and food,” I say.  

“Nah, I’ll… just,.. stay put.” she said hiding.  

Ever since her Dad was taken from the ocean demons.  

She is scared than ever. 

I remember when we first met. 

Chapter 4: When we first met 


It was when we had moved to this house for the first time.

Dad and I were starting to pack. 


”Ding, dong,” My neighbor came, (Mahana and her Dad).

They/her dad want to introduce themself to us. That is what mahana told me. 

“I will get it.” I told my dad in another room.  

I open the door to see a little girl (my age) and her dad. 

“Hello.., umm may I help you.” I asked, confused. 

“No, we wanted to introduce ourselves. We are your neighbors.” Her father said. 

The little girl started to get nervous. I could tell since she was shaking. And she told me. 

“Where is your mom and your father? I would like to see him.” He asked me. 

“I.., don´t have a mother. Or I mean she is not living with us. SHe broke up with my dad.” I say, embarrassed. 

“Oh. I am sorry, I didn’t know. Me and her mother broke up as well. So my daughter understands too. “ He says.

“Her name is mahana.” He says looking at her. 

“Hello, what is your name?” She asked shyly.   

“My name is Oceania. For the ocean.” I say smiling. 

“That is a lovely name. Don´t you think, mahana.” He says looking at her daughter.  

She nods.

We smiled at each other.  

My dad soon came to the door.

“Hello. Looky what we have here.” My dad said to them.  

“Hello, My name is Sam, Sam Loin. It is nice to meet you.” He said, shaking my dad’s hand. 

“My name is Andrew, Andrew ocean. Nice to meet you too.” My dad says. 

“We just wanted to say hello to your new neighbors”. He says. 

“Thank you, come in, come in.’ My dad says.  

“Uhh, No thank you we just wanted to say hi and you guys might be packing. So no thank you. 

“Ohh, Well Bye” My dad says. 

“Bye.” I say.  

We both waved back to them as they left.  


After that we always went outside and played together in the summer.   


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