The old queen is dead, long live the new werewolf queen!

The old queen is dead, long live the new werewolf queen!

  Hi, my name is Ralya (Ray-la); I am the princess of the werewolves pack. I swore to take care of them. However, that all changed; when I made a mistake. I will never forget it.

Chapter 1: The mistake(that should not have happened).

   It all began when William and I (my brother) ran in the open fields. At that moment, my brother and I were racing through the woods, as usual.

He and I leap over each other, giggling and howling cheerfully.

“Kids, come back home!” Mom’s voice echoes in the forest.

Immediately, we knew that was it, the time. 

(Time to say goodbye.)


You see, our family isn’t ordinary. We are different. How different, you ask?

My family is foreign to wolves that roam through the vast land. But fragments of us are connected to humankind; We are werewolves, dividing humans and wolves into one.

And, did I have to say a poem about our differences in humanity?

But you get my point.     


We(Me and my Brother) both live separately from one another. My brother lives with our Seanal Werewolf Dad named Herney.

While I lived with our Neala Werewolf Mom named Flora.

Even though I have no clue: Why has my family been separated? 

But this is my guess; My brother could turn into a human, but I can not.

I am a halfling. So, I can turn; full wolf. But also, I can turn partly into a human. 

I could try to look like a human. But my parents don’t want to take any chances.

That is why; my whole pack and I are Neala in my language. That means we are werewolves, but a bit extraordinary.

Making my brother and father, Seanal. (or like the ones in movies.)


Chapter 2: Queen too soon, 

   My mother says, “One day, I shall rule the wolf pack!”

I wanted to be a wolf. But I wonder, what is it like living with humans?

My brother always tells astonishing stories about his adventures as a human.

                  It sounds intriguing.

But I know; I must do my duty and take over the wolf pack someday.

I curled up in the corner of my house.

I had an odd feeling that tomorrow would be more difficult; than any other day.



I woke up to a piercing noise that sounded too familiar.

   I ran out to see my mom lying on the ground.

 I studied to see if her heart was still pulsing. It wasn’t.

                          I got frustrated.

                 “Who did this? “I said, roaring.

                 There was a sudden silence.

   I could sense that humans were near. 

                                I growl.

WOLVES! “I yelped. All the wolves arrive at the house. 

       “Charge!” They said, yelling.

We strike the humans, making them run for them.

             **As the humans were gone.**

A long moment of silence came to the room.

They all gazed at the Queen (My Mom). As I embraced her, crying.

                  A few footsteps came closer.

         I turn to see Liam announcing something.

How did they know that we, “wolves,” were here?” Liam said, rambling.

     Wolves are the terminology; that indicates what we call ourselves.

No one went near the humans, right? “Ethan asked, looking at us.

            I thought about it for a minute.

                   **** flash back****

It all began when William and I (my brother) ran in the open fields.” (p. 1)


“It’s my fault,” I said, ashamed.

I started to cry; as I hugged my mom.

Chapter 3: The thought of knowing,

   They looked at me; as I rambled for a moment. But the pack decided not to say anything.

But instead, changing the subject, “She looked so comfy like nothing happened to her.” Rea says, grinning.

“Ya just restful,” Giya did with sign language. 

“I think it will be all right,” Olena(Oh-Lena) says, smiling. 

But it was knowing that she had been wrong! That everything will not be all right; that everything will change!

But I did not care what was said. 

So, I did not say anything.

What mattered to me the most right now was being with my mother.                          


They were all talking about, “Me being QueenQueen, My Mother dying, How will this affect me? ” 

Like, I wasn’t even paying attention!

But I was!

Then, they conclude by saying,” We all will have to make this work for the Queen’sQueen’s sake!” Rea says. 

“And the werewolves have to survive this all,” Zero says, sighing.

“Even for Ralya, too, “Ethan says, pointing out the critical piece to the Queen’s death puzzle.

“OOh, right,” Liam says, smirking at him.

“That’s right,” Emza says, punching his arm.

“Ow,” he said as she smiled.

I rolled my eyes, refocusing my attention somewhere else.

“But we can all do it! I know we can, “Rea said, suddenly standing up.

They had stopped talking for a minute; slowly, I drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 4: The Uninvited,   


Huh,” I said, slowly sitting up.

My head starts aching again as I rub my eyes.

I gently rubbed my head, checking the flooring.

It must be hurting because of these stupid wooden floors in this room!

“But the whole house comes with wooden flooring!” I said, realizing.

“You’re awake! “Emze, my best friend (from the pack), says, hugging me.

I was getting squeezed.

“Emze, leave her; We don’t want the princess or queen-in-waiting to be squashed, do we? “Ethan exclaimed, giving her to Liam.

While helping me not get squashed to death.

“Thanks,” I say to him, smiling.

“Welcome, and what happened to me? Sorry,” I said, interrupting him.

“It’s ok,” Liam said, chuckling at me.

“Why are you-HEllO, Ralya? MOM! Dad and I made presents for Mom and the pack!”

I knew who that was. 

 I started to cry.

Chapter 5: The Queen of mistakes!

“MOM, Me and Dad made a present for you and mom.”

I knew who that was; I curled up into the side of the room, hiding my tears.

He didn’t know, not even our father!

“Hello,” He said again.

I didn’t move an inch.

Ethan looked at me and heard him say it another time.

He stood up, walking to my brother.

“Ethan,” My brother said, hugging Ethan.

I smirked.

“Hi, “Ethan says, letting go of the hug.

I watch them, looking through the side of the open doors.

“Did you see Ralya? Is she all right?” Willan said, worried.

Willam was concerned about me?

I bite my lip.

He looked at me for a while and back at him, “Well, she isn’t feeling her best right now! “He says, smiling oddly.

What is he going to do? I sense that I will have to wrestle him out on this one!

“That is why she desired for me to talk to you, “He says, smirking, putting his hand near his lips.

“Idiot,” I said, punching my hand on the door.

This means war, Ethan Nelo!

**3 minutes later**

Will walks away from the house, saying goodbye.

I ran to them, but somehow, a furry hand stopped me.


I looked back; to see Cece’s hand on my shoulder.

The pack has some nicknames for all of us.

“Ya,” I said, forgetting that they were here.

“I think you should…leave them!” Emze says as Rea interrupts her.

I could tell that Emze was struggling to find the words.

Luckily, Rea was there to help!

“You have important things to do, like being the new Queen and all!” Rea said.

“We have to go! We don’t have any time to waste!” CeCe says, regaining her confidently,

I take a deep breath, closing my eyes.

“All right! “I say, standing up as we walk to the hallway.

  Chapter 6: The path of being Queen!

We started to go to the end of our house.

It had been so quiet; that we could hear the house crackle and the rats scurrying around.

The house was as old as time itself. The house was made by the first wolves, humans, and werewolves who first walked on this earth.

And we keep it safe; because it has a lot of powerful auras; that you can never imagine in a place like this!

While it keeps us safe, making our hideout/house a secret.

Until yesterday, I don’t know if it still works, however.

We stopped at the end of the house, or that is what others may think!


They stopped and looked at me.

I stare at the two, then at the wall.

It had pictures of all the Royals, other werewolves, and wolves that had died long before us.

The house would always honor the deaths and magically put the picture on the wall.

I look to see my mom in one of the pictures. I suddenly drop down, sitting with my hands resting on my legs.

I hid my face with my hands.

“I cannot do it, “I say, crying.

Eze came to me, putting her hand on my shoulder, and said, “You are not alone. We will always be here with you.”

I decided to try; I took a breath and pulled out my sword. I was ready.

“Water, Air, Earth, Fire, The World. Every god and goddess. I am the Daughter of Flora and Henery. The princess of the magic wolves, soon the QueenQueen and protector of each mystical wolf and werewolf.”

I breathed and spoke,” The protector of the house of enchantment. I am ready to see the eyes of the ancients and learn the ways of magic.”

I promise; I will take care of both magic wolves, werewolves, and the house of enchantment with my life,” I say, motioning my swords around, in every word.

So show me; these doors you have kept hidden for us and lead the way to be Q-u-u-e-e-n-n!” I say, magic/light breaking through the walls, turning them into rubble.

Booooooom, bashaklom, badoom.” Opening a whole new room!

I stop to take a breath.

Wow, that was amazing. You were amazing when you made a wall explode into bits. Emze said; she stopped to look at me and the room.

“Good job, Ralya. Your mom would be very proud,” Rea says, acting like an adult.

I stood up and smiled, “Ya, I hope, and thanks, Cece. It was amazing! “I say, smirking.

Chapter 7: The hidden room,

The three of us went into the room. Awed; in what we had seen.

Well, I’m not totally in awe since we knew about the room yesterday night.

But I was reminded in the morning since I was asleep then.

My mom told us frequently,” All hidden objects can be concealed, even to a magician’s eye.”

Soon she said it too often that it had become her catchphrase.

But, it soon came to realize what the purpose of it was.

In the morning, Ethan had found a paper slip in her pocket saying.

“Where every ancient werewolf belongs. In an area at the end of our house. You will find something there, concealed from our eyes. Which will have great secrets in it.”

So, listening to what she wanted, we went to the end of the house to see if it was true.

She was right.

“Ralya, I think you have to see this!” Ralya called me.

I walked into the room.

I was shocked; (not in a good way).

The room was fully metal; even the walls were.

“I wonder why my mother would make a room metal?” I say, asking them.

But they were all too busy, huddling up to a keyboard on the slide of a metal wall.

“Hmph,” I say, pouting, crossing my arms.

“Oh, there you are. We need you! “Ethan says, grabbing my hand and pulling me across the room.

“Um, don’t you think that we should tell her instead of pulling her h-“Rea says, concerned, but decides to say, nothing more.

He ignored her, still pulling my hand.

He was going to put my hand on the iPad.

“Ummm, one question? Why are you doing it?” I ask him.

I get my hand loose from his tight gripe.

“Oh, So we all were trying to open this keyboard. After all, to see if there are “any secrets here.” He said, blushing, moving his white hair with his hand.

“Hehe,” I say, smiling.

“Why are you laughing!” He says, putting his hand on my shoulders and staring at me.

That made me nervous, “It’s Nothing!” I say, yelling.

“Are you sure?” He says, grading my hands.

I blushed, looking at his face.

Nira pinches his brother(Liam), “Hello!”

He turned away like nothing.

He puts his hand on the back of his hair, walking away.

“None of our hands worked. So we thought you might.” Liam says.

“Oh, ok,” I say, calm down.

I put my hand on the keypad.

“Correct, Correct, Correct, Correct.“ The keyboard says.

“Please type in the following answers below!“ The keyboard says.

“What is hidden from the eye?”

“Umm, “I say, thinking.

“Wait, all hidden objects can be concealed, even to an eye? “Rea said.

“O-b-j-e-c-t-s, “Emze says, typing it out.

“Incorrect, incorrect.”

“Ugh, “I say, sighing.

“Wait, your mom says the house has magic ores, right? “Rea says.

“Ya, so? “I ask, confused.

“And we can not see the air, right? “Zero says, making contact with Rea.

They hold their hands up to their faces, acting as if they were in a secret circle.

Ugh, older adults!

“So, what is there to think? “Nira says, sassy.

“Uhh, ya. Type “Nature and Magic.” Zero says, blushing.

They both let each other’s hand go and turned to the group.

“Ok, “I say, typing.

“Correct, Correct, Correct!”

“Yes, good work! “I say, giving high-fives to Ethan.

I blushed,” Sorry, the wrong person,” I said, high-fiving Zero and Rea.

Chapter 8: “MOM”

“Now,” She says, taking a pause.

“I could tell she had to “rise to the dead about that!” I say sarcastically.

The TV started to glitch.

Ethan softly-fakely-chuckles, “Ya, it must have taken two live for her too, right now.”

“Ya! You are right!” I say, rolling my eyes and laughing.

“It is like she is here with us right now. It is like she isn’t dead,” I say, starting to cry.

“Are you ok?” Ethan says, stop laughing.

The others glance at me.

“No, I am not ok! And I will never be ok! Without mom, I felt it was my fault that she is dead and isn’t here with us.” I say, sobbing at every word, hurting me from the inside.

Ethan says, hugging me. “You are going all right! You have us, and we will not have this happen again!” He says, trying to calm me down.

I pulled his t-shirt; he stopped hugging me and looked me in the eye, “But, how? I ask.

“But how?” He said, wondering.

“We just have to try together as a team!” He says, crying with me.

“Really?” I say, hugging him tightly.

“Really! “He says, looking up, then hugging me tightly.


Chapter 10: Death is painful to take in!

**(1 hour later)**

Zero and Rea were fixing the tv. The tv had aimlessly glitched.

Side note:(they idolized fixing everything in the house. Since they were nine years old because of my dad.)

Ethan starts to stand up, but Nira pushes him into me.

“Ow, “I say, a bit angry.

“What was that-Stop right there, Ethan? “Nira says, interrupting him.

“Since Ralya is not really in the mood and might have another waterfall, stay next to her!” She says, smirking.

“Well, I am fine! S-You love birds better have fun! “She says, walking outside.

“First, we don’t love birds! And second, she is perfectly fine.“ Ethan said.

“Ya, why would I like this dog first place!” I mumbled, rolling my eyes.

“Well, see for yourself then,” She said, staring at us.

I glance at Ethan, reddening.

I examine myself to see him: holding my hand (the whole entry time).

I blushed; swatted his hand, letting go.

“Thanks for the drama. Now there will be gossip from those dunderheads! “I say (trying to act calm.)

“Hey,” Emze and Liam said, angry.

Oh, no!

“Not you, not two! “I say, rolling my eyes.

They rolled their eyes, annoyed,” We’re getting some snacks in the kitchen.”

“Fuh! “I say, walking up to the other love birds(Rea and Zero).

“So, what are you lovebirds going? “I say, smirking.

They slowly process the remark.

But they overlooked, “The tv is all right. I think it might be our service.“ Zero says, fiddling with the tv.

“You mean the one that my dad constructed with you, peeps! The one mom enchanted that Only we werewolves can see! “I say, anxious.

“Ya, that one. But it is ok if you-it is fine! “I say, interrupting her.

My head gazed at the floor; my body slouched.

“Are you ok?” Emze says, concerned.

“I’m fin-” I say, fainting.


I open my eyes; I see myself lying on Ethan’s shoulder.

I saw he was chatting on his phone.

“Ya, good. You don’t come here quickly! I can handle Ralya. It will be fine! “He says, beaming.

I blushed.

“Ok, well, see you then! “He says; I immediately act sleepy.

“Ralya! Are you awake? “He says, examining me.

I could tell he was grinning.

I didn’t move.

He stood up.

I assumed he would never leave.

Suddenly, he moved nearer, positioning his hand on the sofa.

I reddened, guessing it was a stunt.

But he leaned forward and kissed me.

I was in shock, with no words to stop this.

“Hey Ethan, I got some medicine for Ralya. Just in case-“Emze says, coming in.

He stops; both look at each other in awe.

“Did I interrupt something? “She asks.

I smacked him in the face.

“Hey,” He says, touching the sore spot.

“No, “I say, walking up to Cece, taking medicine, and leaving.

**(5 minutes later)**

I went to the front entryway, taking a jacket from the coat closet.

I stood at the door, glimpsing at the falling snow.

Today was winter, and I did even know!

I felt a cold shiver as I sat down, looking at the snow resting around the forest.

I looked back down at the hands as they caught little snowflakes. Suddenly, tiers slowly dropped on my hand.

I cuddled into a warm position, still crying, “I wish mom were here! “I mutter loudly.

Chapter 11: Tears can’t let me down.

This is not fair! Not fair, Not Fair!

I say, leaning my head on my hands once more. 

I rudded my eyes, and I still cried.

“Hey,” Ethan says, knocking at the side of the entryway.

“Shut up!” I say to him, not even looking directly at him.

“What!” He asked.

“I said,” Shut up!” I say, turning around.

He was smirking.

“Can you hear, or have you suddenly turned into Giya?” I say, breaking eye contact, annoyed.

He looks at me in awe, moving a few steps toward me.

“Are you ok? You kind of-DO you think I am ok! Well, I am not! Thank you very much!” I said, turning back and looking at him in anger.


“I soory. I didn’t mean this to happen.” He says, ashamed.

I feel sad, trying to cheer up the mode,” Did you say I soory? What are you, a little pup that can’t say, “I am sorry.”

He laughed,” I love you, and I will wait until you respond to my feelings. You don’t have to tell me right away.

“Ok, but don’t gutter me down and leave home!.” I say, snarling.

“Ya, I won’t!” He smirked a bit.

“Good for us!” I turned around, gleaming at him.

He smiled back, giving eye contact.

I tuck my hair in the back, blushing.

“Let’s go.” He says, holding out his hand.

“Nah, I can carry my weight,” I say, swatting his hand back.

We both walk back inside, going to the “secret room “!

We saw that they all were waiting for us.

**(3 minutes later)**

Chapter 12: Are birth parents!   

**(3 minutes later)**

“In this room lies secrets that the packs need to know. Some secrets you will need to keep for generations to come. And some, you all will have to know and understand.”

“Like how most of your parents!”

There was silence between all of us.

“Ya-Henry and I are not our parents! ”

They all had moms and dads.

They look at each other flabbergasted.

“Here, I will show you!”

She says, popping up pages of the pitches of unknown werewolves.

On top of these are parents, and on the bottom are their flesh and blood; children.

Ronald and Delta:

Their children are Zero (the oldest). Ethan (the second oldest) and Nira, the youngest.

Lily and Adrian:

Their children are Emza and the twins Veneka and Olena.

Linda and Nathan:

Their children are Rea and Giya, the youngest.

Geana and Tiler:

Their child is Liam.

**(6 minster later)**

The paper vanished as we saw her again.

“Your parents died for the sake of us all and the world. Except for Liam’s parents: we have no idea if they are alive or not!

But a long time ago, A werewolf named; Sly. Came for help; sly was hurt and badly injured.

At that time, I had just been QueenQueen. I had been pregnant with you, Ralya.

Also, Rea and Zero. You two were born at that time.

Chapter 13: The beast, to the belly, to the child.

I have been warned that there would be some people wanting to take the magic of the Leorenda.

“So that is what the house is called, Leorenda, “I say, astonished.

Selta was my best friend and my most trusted adviser.

The pack(except for the children) was meeting about the situation.

But there were enough issues, to begin with, that Selta and Henry had already been fighting over the case.

Selta thought we should help him; since he had said he was from another werewolf tribe.

So we can help him find his steps to his werewolf tribe.

But your father said, “No, we should not! I sense something suspicious about him.

“And didn’t your mom tell us not to help anyone unknowingly? “He said.

I thought about it for a second.

“Yay, I guess you’re right. Meeting agre-Yay, we’re just saying that because he’s your boyfriend. “My friend interrupted me.

“No, that is not true. You’re my best friend! “I said, annoyed.

She was jealous of him.

I chuckled.

As she blushed, “Ya, am I right! That’s not why you believe me! ”

“Let’s not change the subject. “Adrian says.

“No, I will not-” She says, running to Henrey, angry.

She grades him, starting to pull his hair hard; as he hits her.

Ronald runs grading Selta, as I graded Herney. “I guess we’re always the ones that get stuck into these problems, right? ”

“Ya, sadly, it’s hard for them to stop!” I say, smirking.

 Chapter 14: Trait!

To interpret, ever since I introduced Selta to Herney.

Selta always found a way to constantly fight with Herney about mostly everthing.

I don’t know if Selta hated him, because of jealous. She didn’t want to lose a best friend.

She might wanted to brake up with me faster or something.

But, they just hated each other.

But I think their traits have crossed with Ralya and Ethan.

“No, we aren’t like that!” I say, yelling(pausing the tv.)

“Ya, we don’t always fight. I mean, I don’t start them!” He says, rolling his eyes.

“Why you!” I said, standing up and grabbing the collar of his shirt.

“Are you guys sure?” The pack says, staring at us.

We both blushed, and I turned the tv back on.

“Hey W-“Then, why didn’t Herney just ask Selta to be his girlfriend!” Geana said.

Geana is Liam’s mother, sassy, sarcastic, and fun.

While Liam, hopefully, is not like his sarcastic mother.

“What do you mean? I can’t be sarcastic; what are your problems, Women!”

“DON’T CALL HER THAT! She raised you!” I say, standing up

“Ugh,” he says, walking out of the room.

Emza walked behind him, “I will deal with this. Right now, you all have finished watching this!”

She says, running to him,” Tell me what happens after.”

“Ok,” I say, sitting back down.

“No way, I would marry this hog monkey!”

“Excuse me, you varmint.”

“I have an idea. “I say.

“We must check if he is pure with the truth wand and rope. ”

“Ok, then! ” Selta says.

“Plus, this argument will finally come to an end.“ Ronald says, smirking.

“Oh, you!”

Chapter 15: The two-faced Liam


I walk out of the ‘secret room,’ finding my Liam.

He never gets this mad, so something must be on his mind.

“Liam!” I say, yelling.

Wait, what if he left? Did he go outside?” I said, more worried than before.

“Liam, Liam!” I say, yelling.

“Ya,” He said.

I still called him; it had held me to the living room.

“Lai-Oh, you’re here,” I was about to call him, realizing where he was.

In the middle of the river are homes.

He was standing on the small bridge over it that had been grouped by snow.

I smiled, getting my coat, two scarves, and mittens for him.

That was where we “weirdly” converted to each other.

“Same place and the same time, winter,” I said, smirking.

**(3 minutes)**

“Hi, Chein,” I said, trying not to get him even madder.

He looked at the river for a minute or two and looked back.

“Hey, chat,” he said, smiling a little.

We learned French from this app that Ralya’s father let us do.

He gave us our phones, iPods, laptops, and other devices.

But ralya and Ethan were never really was interested in it.

So Laim and I would youes tell secret to eachother.

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