Brave Women that built a nation, form 2000 years ago

Brave Women that built a nation, form 2000 years ago
Cities is from: Women That Left Their Mark in the History

The Trưng Sisters

          Two women against the mighty dynasty of china, defeating it and building an independent nation. Do you think it is possible? Well it happened, 2000 years ago, in the honorable history, of Vietnam. The Trưng sisters, declared rebellion, with the Dynasty of China. Even if their troops were outnumbered to the Han Dynasty, of China. They were still fighting for vietnam, creating an independent nation for at least 3 years.

          Have you ever heard of these two bold and fearless queens? These Women were both sisters, Trưng Trac, (the oldest) and Trưng Nhi, (the youngest). The Trưng Sisters were mighty, hardworking, and extraordinary women, born in Giao Chi from the first century CE. Their parents were Military Leaders in Vietnam, when the Han Dynasty began, in China. During those days, women were allowed to have higher powers and titles. So, their father made them enhance in, literature and martial arts, for the sisters to inherit their father’s, land and title. 

           How were they convinced to fight, against the mighty Chinese Han Dynasty, in the first place? Well, it all started, when Thi Sách, (Trưng Trac husband), believed that: the Chinese Han Dynasty to be unfair and, he had wanted to make Vietnam, an individual nation. So he deliberately, tried to make it happen, by attacking China. Later on, he was caught by the chinese, as the Chinese Local Governor executed him. To proclaim, the outcome of Rebelling on the Han Dynasty.

             After her husband’s death, Trưng Trac was traumatized, wanting to avenge her husband’s death and intentions; to make vietnam, an independent nation. The Sisters, started gathering followers, likewise; supporters from local military leaders and lords to fight, against Chinese influence. The Trưng Sisters, started building armies; recruiting women. Since, Vietnam was becoming a new liberated country; Trưng Trac, was named as a queen. They became in rule and protected, the country for 3 years. Unfortunately, in 43 ce; the Trưng Sisters died, leaving Vietnam, an independent nation. 

Although, the Trưng Sisters led and freed the country for 3 years, their victory and courage helped, Vietnamese people to realize; How Vietnam became an independent country? Otherwise, if it weren’t for the Trưng Sisters, Vietnam would have dissolved and remained, as a part of China. Even today Vietnamese recognize; Trung sister’s contribution towards their country’s identity. They still are an important figure in Vietnam and Women’s History. 

Nowadays, temples, schools and other additional locations show the importance of the Trưng sisters. So in the end; “Trung Sisters” were very powerful, brave and important Vietnamese women. They stood up for their country, protecting and making Vietnam independent. For as long as they could. 



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